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    Well I just overclocked my C2 two days ago and... so far, so good. All cores still active and a much better UI response. Temperature difference is neglible (~2 deg C compared to non-overclocked settings).

    Well two cores stopped after I was updating some of the movies fanart. I thought it was related to the temp but it looks like the board is always below 70C. I'll see if switching to a DC barrel jack and removing the J1 jumper helps in keeping the cores active.

    I'm running my C2 this way with stock Hardkernel power supply and still my cores got shut down. Apparently this (the more or less unpredictable scaling_governor behavior) is a bug of the C2 that is mitigated better or worse by various operating systems. The "performance" setting just doesn't stick as it should (all cores always enabled), but somehow when the CPU load drops suddenly - in your case right after you updated the fanart - the cores got shut down no matter what the scaling_governor is set to.

    Actually I noticed that performances get worse after a day or two the board has been started. Then when I reboot it it gets better. I checked the logs and I did not spot anything wrong.

    You definitely are a victim of cores shutting down. Same symptoms on my side. Take a look into system info after a couple of days of the C2 running and when the UI gets laggy. You will see only two cores listed instead of 4. A reboot or re-setting the governor and restarting kodi.service cures this issue (until the cores get shut down again).

    And perhaps look into the "scaling_governor" issues with the C2 - laggy UI may be a sign you are running only two cores instead of all 4 (AFAIR the UI does not make use of the video hardware acceleration, I might be wrong, though). To cut straight to the chase, I have a cron task set every 6 hours to re-enable maximum performance CPU scaling governor. This makes the C2 quite hot, though (~66* C in 26 deg environment).

    You log each and every DNS query in order to compare your blocklists to the actual requests ["monitor traffic"]? It would make marginal sense in a test environment, but either you have way too much time in your hands, or there is something fundamentally wrong with the browsing habits. Just drop the logging, it's borderline insanity :)

    Same thing happening here with LE 8.2.5 running on Odroid C2. Any change in sound format provided by the source file (be it Youtube stream or local file) results in no sound until I enable passthrough (if disabled) or disable it (if previously enabled). Additionally, after a couple of such changes the UI sounds become extremely distorted and played on full volume (which scares the s**t out of my neighbors at night).

    I'm not sure how I can make the explanation any easier.
    1. My LE box refuses to network.

    2. My LE box can play vids on a USB stick.

    Looking around the various forums, I'm far from alone with this, so ->

    3. Write a small util that installs into Windows that connects it to the Le Box like an electronic version of a USB cable.
    Ignore all of Windows networking stuff.

    1 - why on Earth won't you share your network setup? It's not LE box. If your hardware is not borked (did you check the cables?) it's an user thing.
    3 - don't you think it would need the... network to work properly on the LE box to begin with?

    Zeroconf/Bonjour is not a file transfer protocol (like SMB or NFS) but a network services discovery protocol. In other words, it makes the computers see the shares automatically as they are advertised on the network, but it does NOT provide any file transfer capability.

    NFS, SMB, AFP, any file transfer protocol will not function properly if the underlying network is misconfigured. @bilzilla, you should describe your setup first (router, IP addresses, if you're running DHCP, if the internal DNS works correctly). I believe your router might handle out IP addresses from DHCP so once they change you are unable to reconnect to an IP address and your internal DNS does not work properly in order to connect to the existing shares using "smb://myfileserver/share" instead of "smb://" ( being an example only). Once the DHCP leases expire, your computers may be getting different addresses, thus voiding your share definitions. So please let us know what your actual network setup and settings are.