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    Hello installed this on my coreelec and works fine. I understand that process needs to be started from SSH which I've done and managed to access control panel from my laptop. Just wondering what happens when I close the SSH connection, does the process keep running? Also, any way to start process at box reboot i.e. something from autostart?

    There are good guides available for the PC version but not much for the LE addon. Thanks in advance.

    sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=~/yourimagename.img

    this will create an image on your home directory called yourimagename.img using cmd from your sd card (mmcblk0)

    sudo dd if=~/yourimagename.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=16M

    this will burn your image back to SD card. Of course change directories to reflect your system.

    I only use 4gb sd cards and it normally takes about 5 min to create image and around 10 to burn on sd

    In this way I also have a good back up in case something goes wrong

    apologies if it seems a dumb question but i've installed (what it was) the latest devel version about a week ago over the 8.90.06 using the .tar file. all working fine.

    so my box is (i presume) running already the coreelec (can see initial logo). now i see coreelec is back to 8.90.00

    can i keep updating from .tar file as usual? is there any difference between the my version and the current coreelec? i follow this post but it's a bit confusing now. thank for your attention.

    got exactly same setup. to boot from SD I used the update app from the nexus rom. burn your sd as usual, plug the usb pen drive with the same file you used to flash the rom, open update app and select update from zip (locale I think), let the box reboot, while rebooting pull out the usb pen drive. it works for me. on similar boexes (s905x, etc) it worked with just any .zip file, but in this particular soc i found that it needed the official rom update file, or it will give some error message. hope this helps.

    can you tell me which device tree you use?

    little bit hard to say, because I could not install the latest LE9.0 directly from SD. Using the

    dtb gxl_p281_2g.dtb

    which is specific for "W" soc did not work for me. The box would drop in shell after the LE logo. Can't remember the msg but done some reading and the problem resides in the boot not able to find a partition called STORAGE, hence could not do all the writing/setup during the first boot.

    So my only way around was to flash the previous version LE8.2 on SD, with device tree (i think)


    run the full installation so it could create the second partition, then drop the latest LE9.0 .tar file in the .update directory, renamed the partition LIBREELEC_DATA (or however was called, can't remember) to STORAGE on PC with gparted, reboot and in this way I had a clean install to the latest version. Don't know if there was any other way to do it, been searching forums with specific keywords and that's the only way found to work with this box. Discovered after buying this model that it was not recommended for ELEC on the various boards, so did not want to bother developers. Hope this works for others as well. Or to help developers tracing the problem. Now that I have it working on SD I've just made a clean install image with dd and start from that instead. I'm on the latest COREELEC devel and most of the problems I had with LE8.2 (out of sync audio/video on m3u streams, PVR, etc) seem to have gone and compared to the android version on the same box perform and quality is absolutely incredible for a 25 quid box. Can't connect in wifi but not bothered as I always use wired connection.

    this for your records is on a Mecool M8S Pro W 2GB 16GB with Nexus ROM in NAND.

    Hello just trying windscribe vpn and i get auth failed. I have a pro account so access to all servers but fails to authenticate in all of them. Any clue? Can post log if that helps thank you

    dont know if this can be worth a penny but using previous image had same problem, on s912 and s905x/w box but then moved data to internal SD and problem disappeared, even with hw acceleration enabled. using a class 10 SD card, been testing for about 1 hour now, continuously switching channels and it's as smooth as velvet which makes me thinking it may be a hw problem not up for business rather than related to the image. will try on latest release soon.

    Have same problem but solved it disabling hw acceleration. Most of my streams are in hd 720 so no much of a problem but when playing streams from my connected vu+ in 1080 or 4k i have to enable HW acceleration again. Thought it was a problem just with my streams because run through VPN.

    will this addon work on a enigma2 satellite receiver? the blackhole images for the vu+ comes with the kodi plugin and i am just wondering if anybody had this working / is compatible with those machines. in the end of the day they speak the same language.. thank you.