[8.90.6] Audio out of sync from livetv

  • dont know if this can be worth a penny but using previous image had same problem, on s912 and s905x/w box but then moved data to internal SD and problem disappeared, even with hw acceleration enabled. using a class 10 SD card, been testing for about 1 hour now, continuously switching channels and it's as smooth as velvet which makes me thinking it may be a hw problem not up for business rather than related to the image. will try on latest release soon.

  • This version plays PVR streams well, but recorded HD files are very jumpy - which is a regression from 8.90.6. Tried a few settings and couldnt get any improvement.

    Edit: can confirm that setting fallback framerate to 50hz solves this.

    Reverted back to 8.90.6 as this version seemed less stable.


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