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    I just wanted to say that this 32bit build is the best ever on my S905 box. Low memory usage, no leaks, everything is smooth and working (including live tv using tvheadend backend).

    This is a keeper :)

    Thanks for your work!

    I spoke too soon to... My live TV stuttering issues just came back with the latest dev build. There seems to be an improvement but it's not perfect yet. The problem is that In changed the tvheadend server so the tests can't really be compared...

    Any thoughts on the latest development build? People who experienced live TV stuttering, please?



    In had some time to test it last night. It seems to be fixed. During the time I tested (I let it run a few hours) the playback remained smooth. It seems to be a very good build from what I have tried.


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    Just curious: are you guys using tvheadend 4.0 or 4.2, and, are tvheadend and pvr.hts both on this same box?
    I personally have no issues with live dvb-t TV/Radio this way.

    Tvheadend 4.2 on an other box (rpi2) running libreelec. My signal is not perfect but it was running fine on 008 and before.

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    Just a quick post to let you know that the stuttering bug when streaming live TV from a few tvheadend server is still here with the latest development build. I'm waiting for the next one 😀

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    Hi kszaq, thanks for your work. I flashed the latest build on my k1 plus and it's working great but I have the same issue with it as I have with the 009 build when using the tvheadend client. When viewing a channel (h264, ac3, 1080i) it starts OK but after a few minutes it becomes jerky and I have 1 image every few seconds. When I stop and relaunch the channel it works OK for a few minutes and then it happens again. I had to revert back to the 008 build but I hope to come back to Krypton soon. Thanks again!

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    Hi. I tried to install the latest update but I have issues with the tvheadend client. The playback starts fine but after a few minutes it becomes jerky and unusable. I reverted back to 008 which works fine. However my box is on 24/7 and after a few days it crashes and I have to reboot it electrically. Does anybody know how to prevent that? Automatic restarts? Thanks for your work!

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    I have Viera Link problem with my old Panasonic plasma. CEC has never worked, i tried under android/OE/LE. Where can i report this?
    ps: sorry for offtopik

    I also have an old panasonic plasma and CEC (kind of) works with this build. I have to set the hdmi to the device input, switch back to TV and then back to the hdmi input and it works.

    I also use an LE RPI2 on the same TV and CEC does not work at all. I have the feeling that CEC is really a hit or miss depending on the TV you're using unfortunately.

    My gf was using libreelec on my k1 plus with release 006 that I updated last night without any issue. Then she hit "pause", did something and when she came back, the picture was "weird" and the box was frozen. She then unplugged and replugged the box but unfortunately it is now staying on a black screen after the first logo (S905 logo). I made her try the toothpick method without success.

    LE is installed on sdcard, removing the sd card enables the box to boot into android. Everything was working fine, what could have happened? Fried SD Card? The box was quite hot so maybe some kind of overheating but still, android boots fine...

    So I installed the addon and set up everything. It's working great. I have the first zip you uploaded. I will try to upgrade this evening. This is so great to be able to use spotify connect on a rpi!

    Thanks for making the addon!

    I try version 03 for nexbox a95x and still 1080 p and higher files dont working.No 1080 resolution only 720p when i try to switch artefacts again. o5 version not work on nextbox too. Opene elec works but very slow can't compare to speed of libre ,but every file works with great quality

    If you are using the sd card version, boot into android and disable automatic resolution detection and set the resolution to 1080p. I guess that you have a 720p TV and the issue seems to be when the box boots at 720p even before libreelec starts. Once you have done this in the android settings, reboot and set the kodi resolution in libreelec to 1080p. I had the same issue and it it solved it.