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    Turns out that crontab -e edits the crontab xxx file AND the root file at the same time. It seems to copy both ways; if you edit the root file the crontab xxx gets changed. In my searching for an answer the seemingly best answer this forum gave was wrong, it said to create a file named "what it does" in storage/.cach/cron/crontabs; that does NOT work, it has to be named "root" or a user name if you can figure out how to have a different user.

    Curiously, I had the same problem with the clock and cron as I did on a previous installation. I had to issue "systemctl restart cron" to correct the clock. This install has been going for 2 month and has been restarted many times and has ntp servers setup and cron enabled, but the system time was not the same as cron time.

    Evidently, creating a crontab in LE is different from other linux distros. I have searched for an hour for some guidance.

    When I type "crontab -e" in a ssh terminal the editor opens an empty file /storage/.cache/cron/crontabs.1832. There is an empty file named "root" in /storage/.cache/cron/crontabs, is that the right file?

    Is there a tut that applies to LE somewhere? Should I type my crontabs into that file?

    The other thing is in settings>display resolution changes back to 640X480 everytime there is an update, and some other times with out warning.

    The square box in the center is supposed to be perfectly "square" The corners should make the screen the same aspect as the TV.

    BTW, a square is a rectangle with equal sides and angles.

    My 1920X1080 Polaroid flatscreen is of the "old" (2006) variety the settings don't even get close.

    I have to go to settings set to Expert. All the way at the bottom is Video Calibration. Click it; press the down arrow until you starty seeing the corner marker and get it to show no black above it, then press the right arrow until the marker shows no black to the left. Press OK, repeat in revers for the lower right. When that is set look at the center square, if it is not perfectly square follow direction on screen. and adjust the position of sub titles.

    When everything is right click back. Done.

    If you type \\address into the nav window it will be there.

    If you are wanting to access a file from LE that is on your windows machine you can't browse workgroup/machine anymore. Instead type smb://machine address/folder name. You will need to have a password protected windows.

    If you want access files on LE from windows, first you need the samba.conf set up then on windows file explorer type the address of the LE box, \\192.168.x.xx or whatever.

    If you just want to transfer files or edit files on LE try WinSCP on the windows machine

    It is not as complicated as we try to think.

    Did you remember to enable the mount and place it in the correct directory with the correct name.

    The name should be "storage-tvshows.mount" The path of the where with - instead of /

    And is should be in /storage/.config/system.d/

    Are your username and password the same in LE as they were in OE?

    If you modify it after enabling you need to do systemctl daemon-reload.

    To install nfs on win10 pro: got to old fashioned control panel>programs & features>(on left) turn windows featueres on or off then check everything under services for nfs.

    Then you will need to create a file called "exports" on the libreELEC machine, I think in /storage/.config, following nfs tuts available on line.

    I am still trying to figure out where samba.conf is supposed to live in LE, I guess the same place as exports.

    Samba works fine for me, you can't browse to directories, but you type \\ into the nav bar and Viola!

    I have had a question hanging with no answer on the Raspbian forum, maybe someone here can shed some light.

    On LibreELEC 9 all I had to do was enable dtoverlay=gpio-ir then drop a rc_maps.cfg file (* * hauppauge) into /storage/.config to make my Hauppauge 45 button remote work perfectly with the gpio IR receiver.

    When I do the same thing in Raspbian Stretch (correcting for folders), it just won't work right. The key presses are received by the OS, according to evtest, but some never get to Kodi some are wrong.

    All of the keymap config files I can find are identical. i.e.: keyboard, keymap, remote etc.

    I have tried many different thing over the last few months.

    Does anybody know what the difference is between the 2 systems? Evidently in the OS or kernel level.

    Every windows update resets "advanced sharing options" to defaults. Every update makes my home network unusable, until I go change it back.

    Windows is getting more like Linux with the security Nazi stuff. I just absolutely do not need or want those levels of security

    That lasted about a day!

    Turns out that ANY other disc access at the time streaming is happening interrupts the stream. I had Deluge running on the server, when it started to move files to the watch directory the stream would go whacky. I tested this by moving files around via Samba and NFS while streaming.

    This seems to be solved by running Deluge/Sickgear only during non-viewing times.