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    These are just starting points that seem to work.

    The CEC message you are getting is from Kodi; set it up in Kodi if you use it, disable it if not. (It is hidden at settings>System>Input>Peripoherals)

    I meant NOT the leading //. Like when the share is and you are looking in the sub directory movies.

    I know that popped up in some xml file when I know I entered it as a single /. I just remember saying "h'mm". Maybe it was some automated program that added it

    Doesn't the // indicate an NFS path? Or, is it SMB? Anyway, / is for one of them and // is for the other. Or, maybe it is just the way my data paths are set up; one is set to the entire drive and the other is set to a directory on the drive.

    This happens to me when I switch between smb and nfs, and refresh. Evidently the old (nfs) entries stay in the library until you start a new library or manually delete them.

    I was switching back and forth experimenting, I ended up deciding they both work well.

    Well, I just re upgraded to 9.2.1 on my pi4, just to make sure. Almost every addon is "not compatible" and disabled. This includes multiple PVRs, YouTube, six, chardet, input stream, dateutils,

    Milhouse says his releases for pi2-3 changed after 0229 with the same behavior, that was his explanation.

    9.2.1 is completely useless as of the moment on pi4.

    Be prepared for most of the addons to break. Seems that Python got upgraded AGAIN to something like 3.01 or something, so now Python 3.0 doesn't work. All of the recently updated to 3.0 addons are broken now (notably six is broken).

    You have to log in to youtube to watch youtube vids. Google owns Youtube. What is the difference where you log in?

    If you have an Android phone you have a Google account, whether you are aware of it or not.

    Get the tin foil out.

    Anyways, the answer to the question "how to enable sw decoding" is disable MMAL.

    Pi1/Pi2 needs license for hw decoding Pi3 license is optional for hw decoding. Pi4 hw decoding not available.

    MMAL means hw decoding. The option wording is misleading it says "allow MMAL" which makes it sound like the Pi will make a decision, it really means "use MMAL instead of sw".

    My pi3b can handle 10 bit HEVC files with MMAL disallowed, has trouble with it allowed but tries. No codec license.

    My pi4b 1gb handles the file fine no MMAL.

    I don't know what paying for the license would do on a pi3 or pi4.

    My 3B has no problem with anything I have asked of it. You might give it a try without. My Pi 1B could not display TV without the codec license. Maybe I just don't watch difficult to display shows 1080P works fine, I don't have a 3D TV or a 4K TV, I think I tried a HEVC file that worked

    I have been using incorrect terms. You need a license to enable HARDWARE decoding. Software decoding doesn't need it

    Trying to mount a nfs drive in LE 9.2 on the RPi4.

    Followed the tut how to mount network drive and I have been successful before on Ubuntu. The systemd file is in the /storage/.config/system.d directory as the tut says.

    Systemctl claims the systemd file does not exist. I tried the complete path.

    /etc/systemd/system doesn't exist where I would put it in Ubuntu.

    The format and syntax of the unit are not the problem, systemctl can't find it to process it.

    Here it is anyway



    Description=nfs mount script







    Options=remount rw /storage/NFSshare