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    thanks for figuring out what's going on

    We discovered that addons using the **requests** library are very slow on Raspberry Pi.

    This appears to be related to the fact that importing the requests library takes up 4 seconds.

    my hand rolled surround sound controller addon got smashed by this.

    after some debugging i came to the same conclusion a few days ago.

    rpi3 on LE 8* was snappy (~2s) on 9.0.1 it takes ~7sec.

    - vol up/down keys are bound to "runScript(myVol, direction)"

    - it does one POST, direction ... the plain/text reply [0-100] is displayed in a slider.nob

    - all logic is handled serverSide in nodeRed

    i need the wife to be happy now :P

    so i'm temporarily using v = subprocess.check_output([ "curl", "-X", "POST", "-d", "up" ... ])

    i'm stumped and hoping ya'll can help make this work a little better for the family.

    we use an rpi3 + LE 8.0.3 + USB ir TOY v2 + irsend to turn our gear on... this is working rather unreliably. seems after a while the lirc irToy driver can't r/w from the USB device (?)

    - if i kill the lircd and restart i still get input/output errors

    - if i unplug and plug it back in it works ... for a while

    this is what it looks like in journal when its not working

    and when things work properly i see this

    there has to be a better option than watching log for "lirc i/o erros" ... and then trigger kernel to reload device 1-1.5 ?

    the same happened to my parents' odroid (7.95.3 > 8, stuck on the upgrading addons screen). i saw in the blog a comment about deleting the Addons27.db ... once they did that, their system came back to life.

    for them SMB and SSH where still working, so they could get in and delete it. if its not letting you do that, then yeah, sounds like you have to mount the card on another machine.


    hi yall

    i have some philipsHue lights & openHAB ... so i thought how awesome would it be to control them from kodi ... i didnt want the openHab addon in the kodi repo that lets you navigate the entire sitemap. i hand rolled an addon so i could control each light by a keypress. i mapped it to some buttons... and that's when the fun started...

    im making use of the keyPad, so 1 = everything, 2 = the office, 3 = the livingRoom...

    it works when im in the kodi UI. i see this in the logs

    23:38:04.383 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 203 (0xcb, obc52) pressed, action is runscript(script.openHab.lights,officelamp)
    23:38:05.036 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 202 (0xca, obc53) pressed, action is runscript(script.openHab.lights,Light_kitchen_sink)
    23:38:06.516 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 200 (0xc8, obc55) pressed, action is runscript(script.openHab.lights,livingRoomLight)

    however when something is playing, i have to double-click each button ? this is what i see in the log

    23:46:01.933 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 199 (0xc7, obc56) pressed, action is Number8
    23:46:02.717 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 199 (0xc7, obc56) pressed, action is runscript(script.openHab.lights,Light_livingRoom_One)

    my keymap

    # cat ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/custom.xml
          <!-- and the rest -->

    i also tried with key-codes, but that made no difference

        <key id="0xce">runscript(script.openHab.lights,light)</key>

    if i kill lircd, my log then shows these buttons as numpadone/numpadtwo/numpadthree and i don't need to douplePress during playback... but this is not ideal as i would have to kill lircd from & also redo the rest of my customKeymap.xml. (i have another addon that runs with the "start" button, which is <key id="0x25"> with lircd and meta-0 without ... i couldn't figured out how to map that)

    any ideas why its only catching the right command on the 2nd press during playback ?

    on the same vein (with lircd) 9 is not the next "obc" in sequence ? and i can't figure out how to map that either

    23:38:39.583 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 206 (0xce, obc49) pressed, action is Number1
    23:38:42.700 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 205 (0xcd, obc50) pressed, action is Number2
    23:38:45.750 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 204 (0xcc, obc51) pressed, action is Number3
    23:38:48.867 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 203 (0xcb, obc52) pressed, action is Number4
    23:38:51.583 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 202 (0xca, obc53) pressed, action is Number5
    23:38:55.067 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 201 (0xc9, obc54) pressed, action is Number6
    23:38:58.216 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 200 (0xc8, obc55) pressed, action is Number7
    23:39:06.451 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: 199 (0xc7, obc56) pressed, action is Number8
    23:39:12.167 T:1962676224   DEBUG: OnKey: record (0xc6) pressed, action is Number9

    i've tried both of these with no luck ?

    • global > keyboard > "<key id=0xc6>"
    • global > keyboard > "<record>

    this is my remote

    # lsusb
    Bus 001 Device 005: ID 05a4:9881 Ortek Technology, Inc. IR receiver [VRC-1100 Vista MCE Remote Control]

    one of these (that's so old none of the buttons have labels anymore :))

    PS: rPi 3 + LE 8

    thanks for updating moonlight... unfortunately it did no go so well over here.

    i have a super old logitech wireless rumblePad (i think directInput not Xinput). the packaged rumblepad2.conf doesn't do anything for me, so i mapped out my own, dropped it along side all the others and pointed to it in settings.xml > MOON_MAPPING

    ive also only managed to get it to work if i add the input switch to the wrapper (after MOON_MAP)

    MOONLIGHT_ARG="$MOONLIGHT_ARG -input /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_Logitech_Cordless_RumblePad_2-event-joystick"

    the "bug" is that the update deleted both my mapping file & input switch in

    the right thing would be to store both in addon_data, right ? ... this means the wrapper would need to look for maps in both places. and the -input option needs to be added / stored in settings.xml

    i've attached for reference.

    thanks for the suggestion. i really do want to try a new build but we have too many tvs sharing a mySQL db, so i need to keep them all on the same version.

    i went the other way 'round, started turning off addons till it got stable... seems trakt is the culprit. scrobbeling works fine, sync'ing of watched states after a library update eats ram like pacMan eats dots. after turning that off its holding in the 50-70% range.

    i'll turn on trakt's debuging and let them have a look on the kodi forums

    my setup (rPI2/LE 7.0.2) has been pretty flaky lately; running out of memory and locking hard

    i think i've finally narrowed it down by running & matching time stamps from my kodi.old.log

    when i see

    OMXPlayerUnsuitable OMXPlayer unsuitable due to ac3transcode

    the ram usages does a buzz light-year... up up and away... and it gets above 90%... it locks.

    its doesnt happen every time kodi needs to use dvdplayer, but it does happen a few times a day

    i need ac3 transcoding for my receiver. so what options am i left with
    - change some setting ? file a bug to kodi crew ?
    - is this any different in 17, should i try a milhouse build ?
    - enable some swap space ?
    - give up on the pi. get a chromeBox ?

    some advice would be apreciated

    i leave it up to yall if you want to make this an addon,
    bundle it into one of the system tool packages
    or maybe there's someone willing to compile it for rpi2 and share

    got a PM on how to do the wrapper. figured i'd post here just so anyone else looking doesn't have to ask too.

    rather then pointing a button to "RunScript(,0)" like the audioProfiles addon says.

    do something like this

    <key id="0x07">RunScript(/storage/</key>

    then create /storage/
    and replace ##YOUR-BT-MAC## on the 2nd last line

    after some sleep, i gave google another chance ...

    echo -e "connect <MY-HEADPHONES-MAC>\nexit" | bluetoothctl

    then i made a wrapper around audioProfiles so if its switching to BT ... connect to the headPhones

    its pretty dirty, but more importantly the wife is happy.

    lrusak, thanks again for pointing out audioProfiles on the thread i started.

    my headphones wont auto-reconnect either. i tried forgetting & trusting. no change.

    please let us know if anything would help ya, like a bluetoothd debug or contents of my ~/.cache/bluetooth ?

    in the meantime can we force a reconnect from the command line ? that would allow me to map a remote button to 'reconnect & switch audio profiles'

    i've tried google for a few hours but im not succeeding. any advice would be appreciated.