Auto Connect Bluetooth Headset

  • Hi there,

    I have a bluetooth adapter on Rasp pi 2 with Nokia bluetooth headset working fine. Very happy that finally we have bluetooth audio on kodi 16.1. The issue is when I turn off bluetooth and switch back on, it does not auto connect. I have to drill down all the menu and select -> connect to make it work. I have tried using both Connect and Trust & Connect option without luck. Using Libreelec 7.0.1.

    Am I missing something here or it is by design and not suppose to auto connect. If later, what are others doing? Any suggestions on shortcuts?

    I have added 2 shortcut buttons to switch between bluetooth audio & hdmi in kodi remote ios app. How do I add this toggle in cec remote?


  • Honestly to me it just seems like it depends on the device. I have a bluetooth speaker that auto connects fine when I turn the speaker on yet my iPhone does not auto connect.

    Perhaps it is something in bluez that I can look into.

  • Thanks. Sorry, but by bluez do you mean debug log? If auto connect does not work, is there a way to create some shortcut to select the headset so that I don't have to drill down to settings to select it?


  • lrusak, thanks again for pointing out audioProfiles on the thread i started.

    my headphones wont auto-reconnect either. i tried forgetting & trusting. no change.

    please let us know if anything would help ya, like a bluetoothd debug or contents of my ~/.cache/bluetooth ?

    in the meantime can we force a reconnect from the command line ? that would allow me to map a remote button to 'reconnect & switch audio profiles'

    i've tried google for a few hours but im not succeeding. any advice would be appreciated.

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  • after some sleep, i gave google another chance ...

    1. echo -e "connect <MY-HEADPHONES-MAC>\nexit" | bluetoothctl

    then i made a wrapper around audioProfiles so if its switching to BT ... connect to the headPhones

    its pretty dirty, but more importantly the wife is happy.

  • got a PM on how to do the wrapper. figured i'd post here just so anyone else looking doesn't have to ask too.

    rather then pointing a button to "RunScript(,0)" like the audioProfiles addon says.

    do something like this

    1. <key id="0x07">RunScript(/storage/</key>

    then create /storage/
    and replace ##YOUR-BT-MAC## on the 2nd last line

  • Thanks for posting the code and your fix I've reused the code you posted. Thanks!

    I have a device that pairs via bluetooth and the BT connection survives a reboot. Though if a another device connects to the BT audio adaptor the adaptor will reconnect to that.
    After some testing the BT Audio adaptor seems to remember the last 2 connected BT devices and searches for these in order of last connection.
    If a third device connects then the BT address used that was not used for the longest time is forgotten.

    I looked at your script and the connect can be run without checking if the Audio Profile is in mode 1 or 2 you can unconditionally invoke the BT connect as if the device is already connected the command has no effect: All you need is the line call('echo -e "connect ##YOUR-BT-MAC##\nexit" | bluetoothctl', shell=True)

    The code you have to switch audio profiles uses the zero parameter this toggles the audio profile (so if its 1 it becomes 2 and if its 2 it becomes 1) not sure why you want to flip the status on boot?

    I have a set up where 1 is the TV speakers and 2 is the BT so on boot I use the parameter 1 to force the sound out of the TV when the device boots: xbmc.executebuiltin('XBMC.RunScript(,1)')

    My thinking for keeping the pair and the connect in the start up is that should the pairing be lost I can press the pair button on the BT Audio adaptor and then reboot the RasPi the start script will repair and reconnect.

    1. import xbmc
    2. import os
    3. xbmc.executebuiltin('XBMC.RunScript(,1)')
    4. call('echo -e "pair xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx\nexit" | bluetoothctl', shell=True)
    5. call('echo -e "connect xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx\nexit" | bluetoothctl', shell=True)