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    the_bo and zomboided haven't tried it yet, Been busy with work. Most likely that will remain for few more days.

    I have mapped a remote button to connect to a specific connection using api, So when ever I feel or need to see if VPN is connected or not I just tell VPN manager to connect. If it is already connected, the api doesn't do anything. Thus no harm and pretty straight forward.

    Also, I have never done skinning in kodi. So not sure, when I can test this functionality.

    ace310 thanks, that's helpful, 4.1.6 will work for you, you can get it on Github, I'll put it in the repo when it's been tested by a few people. I might need to refine it further based on some other feedback/more testing, but right now it'll only stop your remote streams based on what I see in the log.

    Thanks. Will test it out later today and report back.

    Here is the debug log snippet. I hope you can fix the issue. Let me know if you require any further information.

    Movie played from library stored locally on HDD

    20:05:38.941 T:1567617952 NONE: VPN Mgr Debug: Changing VPN. Current playing /var/media/Arpit-Kodi/Videos/Vault, The (2017)/The Vault.2017.BR-Rip.mkv

    Played a video file stored locally but not in library

    20:06:41.815 T:1567617952 NONE: VPN Mgr Debug: Changing VPN. Current playing /media/Arpit-Kodi/Baby Songs/ABC Song - Nursery Rhymes - 3D Baby Songs - Alphabet Rhyme.mp4

    Played pvr stream

    20:07:26.084 T:1567617952 NONE: VPN Mgr Debug: Changing VPN. Current playing pvr://channels/tv/All channels/pvr.hts_1621620544.pvr

    Here is the full log file 20:03:54.268 T:1962302416 NOTICE: special://profile/ is mapped to: special://ma -

    Will report back soon, got little tied up today.

    I still have this issue of playback stopping from local source when vpn gets disconnected. I had asked it long time back. It would be great if it gets fixed.

    Though I have got used to it.

    You can use TvHeadEnd server on RPI3 which has PVR functionality. I have HDhomerun box connected to tvheadend server & client both on Rpi3. Another advantage is, I can add additional iptv links to tvheadend server, so a consolidated list of channels from different sources.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Have you found the solution? I also recently bought the same Air mouse, but no luck on Libreelec. Works perfectly on Android & Windows.

    Though, I am able to use the mouse feature, but none of the keys work. Will try to post the debug log soon.

    Hi Zomboided,

    I have been using this addon since a while now. All is running good on 8.0.2 Rpi 3. Have been using the API to connect/disconnect to Torguard VPN.

    All in all, I can say very good experience so far.

    I want to modify one of the .ovpn file from Torguard. Currently all the files downloaded have hostname in them. I want to change it to a specific IP.

    I have been reading the Wiki 10. Updating VPNs. But can't get my head around about which file I need to update and from which location. I just want to update one server location. Every time I do something, it fails and have to re validate the connection. So definitely I am doing something wrong.

    Should I be changing Locations.txt or .ovpn file? And what should be the location of it.