Silicondust HDHomerun addon on LibreELEC

  • I am pleased to report that the HDHomerun addon that SiliconDust has been maintaining works perfectly with LibreELEC.

    As of August 31 2016, version 2016.07.15 of the addon works perfectly on LibreELEC 7.0.2.

    To review, the HDHomerun addon allows users to stream live TV from a SiliconDust HDHomeRun device on their network. DVR functionality is also available when using a seperate HDHomeRun_Record engine.

    The HDHomeRun addon can be installed from the official Kodi repository, or by following the instructions here. Any support issues can be directed towards SiliconDust's Support Forum.

  • Dugie, is there a way to setup recording using this or another addon? I have an RPi3 and the HDHOMERUN box. The Addon works fine, but I could not find any info on DVR functionality. Thanks!

  • You can use TvHeadEnd server on RPI3 which has PVR functionality. I have HDhomerun box connected to tvheadend server & client both on Rpi3. Another advantage is, I can add additional iptv links to tvheadend server, so a consolidated list of channels from different sources.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • I didn't want to subscribe to SD's DVR service, so I set up NextPVR on a spare windows machine, which runs great. The added benefit was that I could also run com skip on that server. This is a very nice setup on Kodi Krypton (worked on Jarvis also), but does take some tinkering to get it all set up and working. You can review my posts on the nextPVR forum, if you decide to go that route. It may save you HOURS of time.

  • Hey I added the HDHomerun Addon in my kodi player. But i think after adding this extension. I am facing some errors. Whenever i am trying to feed my own list of iptv links (i got them from here: (-edit-some maybe shady url-edit-), it's getting rejected (rejected in the sense that the links are not working). None of them is streaming!!! Does any body have the solution to it?

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  • 90% of the time the iptv links are a problem. Test them first if they are working or not. Are they a legit stream?