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    Medusa for *ELEC 9.2 has been updated to version 0.4.6

    If you inadvertently update it to a later version simply 'update' the add-on to revert to version 0.4.6

    Thanks for this! I applied updates in the Medusa UI as well, thinking it was a final bug-fix for the 0.4.x version. Nope.

    I went into the LibreELEC addon settings, updated the Medua addon to, and then updated again to Everything appears to be back up and running.

    It's really unfortunate that Emby has an actual plugin you can just install from the Libreelec repository for a server and it just works instantly but Plex does not and have you to go through this entire mess to get a Plex server to work. Updates are a pain in the ass, it still just dies sometimes and stops working for no reason, it's a disaster. I feel like this could be so much better.

    Plex is not officially supported on LibreELEC, so anything that is done with best effort. Plex should and does work on LibreELEC, but when it doesn't, you are on your own.

    Noticed the following message in Medusa after the latest update:

    2020-08-16 13:47:42 WARNING  MAIN :: [471c8ed] As of October 1st 2020 Medusa will not run on Python 2.x any longer.
    Python 2.x has passed its sunset date as you can read here:
    Please upgrade your Python version to 3.6 or higher as soon as possible!

    I realize that this will likely require an upgrade on the LibreELEC side, and that LE probably isn't going to Python3 until v10.

    Any thoughts on how to proceed come October?

    I have noticed the following issue since 9.2.2, and just upgraded to 9.2.3. I don't recall this issue happening in the 9.0 releases or earlier.

    Starting Kodi (18.7 Git:18.7.1-Leia). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit
    Using Release Kodi x64 build
    Kodi compiled 2020-06-01 by GCC 8.3.0 for Linux x86 64-bit version 5.1.16 (327952)
    Running on LibreELEC (official): 9.2.3, kernel: Linux x86 64-bit version 5.1.16
    FFmpeg version/source: 4.0.4-Kodi
    Host CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz, 4 cores available

    Upon initial boot, the network interface does not appear to be auto-negotiating to the highest option, 1000/FULL. ethtool ouput indicated that it has though.

    But network transfer speeds never exceed 12 Megabytes/second (100 Mbps), and the network switch port indicates that it is running only at 100 Mbps Full Duplex.

    I bounce the network switch interface, and the port properly negotiates to 1000 Mbps FULL Duplex, and network speeds also greatly increase.

    After a day or two though, I find that network speeds decrease again, as I see the network switch is again at 100 Mbps Full Duplex.

    Log file from most recent boot:

    Log file from first boot after upgrade when network interface did not come up.

    dmesg output


    dmesg output focusing on network interface

    dmesg | grep r8169
    [    0.515516] libphy: r8169: probed
    [    0.515859] r8169 0000:01:00.0 eth0: RTL8168g/8111g, 00:01:6c:d8:5a:00, XID 4c0, IRQ 123
    [    0.515861] r8169 0000:01:00.0 eth0: jumbo features [frames: 9200 bytes, tx checksumming: ko]
    [   11.433730] Generic Realtek PHY r8169-100:00: attached PHY driver [Generic Realtek PHY] (mii_bus:phy_addr=r8169-100:00, irq=IGNORE)
    [   11.577481] r8169 0000:01:00.0 eth0: Link is Down
    [   37.966482] r8169 0000:01:00.0 eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control rx/tx
    [  316.538968] r8169 0000:01:00.0 eth0: Link is Down
    [  323.738602] r8169 0000:01:00.0 eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control rx/tx
    [  747.109745] r8169 0000:01:00.0: invalid large VPD tag 7f at offset 0



    It appears that the packages are no longer available.

    2020-04-15 09:43:05.606 T:140168421938944   ERROR: Requested path not found in known repository directories
    2020-04-15 09:43:05.606 T:140168421938944   ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[service.plexmediaserver]: failed to resolve addon install source path
    2020-04-15 09:43:32.868 T:140170372880512 WARNING: CGUIWindowManager - HandleAction - ignoring action 107, because topmost modal dialog closing animation is running
    2020-04-15 09:43:33.006 T:140167854757632 WARNING: Previous line repeats 1 times.
    2020-04-15 09:43:33.006 T:140167854757632   ERROR: Requested path not found in known repository directories
    2020-04-15 09:43:33.006 T:140167854757632   ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[service.tnds82]: failed to resolve addon install source path

    I upgraded to LibreELEC 9.2 Beta2 (9.1.502). The issue still exists.

    Everything was running fine for 5 days, and then the issue occurred.

    The audio configuration is 2.1 channels. The static seems isolated to the left channel. I turned up the volume during playback, and I can hear the static in the left channel evenwhen the video playback is not paused, but it is not as loud when playback is paused.

    After the issue happens, I can go into the KODI audio settings, and change the channels configuration to 2.0. After the configuration change, the issue goes away. A restart of KODI, or the entire system, is not required. If I change the channels configuration back to 2.1 without a KODI or system restart, the issue returns. A restart of the KODI process or a reboot of the device also resolves the problem

    The issue last occurred between 2019-11-08 17:00 and 2019-11-08 18:00. DEBUG Logging was enabled at the time.

    Kodi logs linked to below, broken into several parts due to the size of the kodi.log file.



    The issue occurred again today after just more than 2 days of up time.

    I enabled DEBUG logs between 10:50 and 11:00 on 2019-10-19. I played several different types of video files and streams, and the issue occurred on all of them.

    The KODI log is split in two due to file size.



    Attaching the full log package for detailed AUDIO and HARDWARE logs.

    Hardware Specs:

    Ever since I upgrade from 9.0.2 to 9.1.002, I have noticed that there is audio static when video playback is paused. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

    This issue did not exist in 9.0.1 or 9.0.2. I upgraded to 9.1.002 to move past a memory leak that was fixed in KODI 18.3.

    Haven't had a problem running this script which I keep manually updated through a similar method to Plex Media Server on LibreELEC however when upgrading to LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.1.002.img.gz I can't seem to get PMS running again. Reinstalling doesn't work either. Downgrading back to 9.0.2 instantly makes it run again. Anyone else?

    Yes. Had the exact same problem. Couldn't figure it out, and the folks over at Plex told me "It's unsupported". Unfortunately, I was left to perform a clean install on 9.1.002. Took all of 30 minutes. Sorry for the bad news. Wish I could have provided a more helpful answer.

    I'm running Plex 1.16.4 no issues. The Plex binaries are self contained and linked libraries are included. Although it's not supported by the Plex team, LE runs it perfectly.

    It runs well, until it doesn't. I ran into an issue earlier this week where after I upgraded, the service was crashing upon startup. I went to the Plex Forums for support, and I could not receive assistance because I was not running on one of their support platforms.

    So yes. I had been running PMS on OpenELEC and then LibreELEC just fine for 5 years (perhaps more) without any major issues. But then I encountered an issue that required additional support, and I was unable to get it. Not to mention the ongoing memory leak issues that were introduced into the 1.15.x release and still exists, and the EPG issue that has been introduced into the 1.16.x release. I try to provide troubleshooting information to help diagnose the problems. Once they look at the logs and see the LE directory structure in use, I get the 'Not Supported' line.

    So I was left to perform a fresh install, and within a few hours, i was back up and running, perhaps a little better without the last few years worth of upgrade artifacts.