rPI hard locks: out of memory

  • my setup (rPI2/LE 7.0.2) has been pretty flaky lately; running out of memory and locking hard

    i think i've finally narrowed it down by running bcmstat.sh & matching time stamps from my kodi.old.log

    when i see

    1. OMXPlayerUnsuitable OMXPlayer unsuitable due to ac3transcode

    the ram usages does a buzz light-year... up up and away... and it gets above 90%... it locks.

    its doesnt happen every time kodi needs to use dvdplayer, but it does happen a few times a day

    i need ac3 transcoding for my receiver. so what options am i left with
    - change some setting ? file a bug to kodi crew ?
    - is this any different in 17, should i try a milhouse build ?
    - enable some swap space ?
    - give up on the pi. get a chromeBox ?

    some advice would be apreciated

  • Can you try with the latest Krypton (or Milhouse) build?

    Pi2 has plenty of RAM for Kodi. You are obviously hitting some bug (which could have been fixed in Krypton build) which should be solvable.

    Try a newer build with a clean install. Check if it's reliable before installing too many add-ons (which may be the cause of the issue) or changing too many settings.
    If you get a problem then post a debug log and instructions for how to reproduce the issue.

  • thanks for the suggestion. i really do want to try a new build but we have too many tvs sharing a mySQL db, so i need to keep them all on the same version.

    i went the other way 'round, started turning off addons till it got stable... seems trakt is the culprit. scrobbeling works fine, sync'ing of watched states after a library update eats ram like pacMan eats dots. after turning that off its holding in the 50-70% range.

    i'll turn on trakt's debuging and let them have a look on the kodi forums

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