update to script.moonlight borked my 'config'

  • thanks for updating moonlight... unfortunately it did no go so well over here.

    i have a super old logitech wireless rumblePad (i think directInput not Xinput). the packaged rumblepad2.conf doesn't do anything for me, so i mapped out my own, dropped it along side all the others and pointed to it in settings.xml > MOON_MAPPING

    ive also only managed to get it to work if i add the input switch to the wrapper (after MOON_MAP)

    1. MOONLIGHT_ARG="$MOONLIGHT_ARG -input /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_Logitech_Cordless_RumblePad_2-event-joystick"

    the "bug" is that the update deleted both my mapping file & input switch in moonlight.sh

    the right thing would be to store both in addon_data, right ? ... this means the wrapper would need to look for maps in both places. and the -input option needs to be added / stored in settings.xml

    i've attached my.map for reference.