irSend not working reliably ?

  • i'm stumped and hoping ya'll can help make this work a little better for the family.

    we use an rpi3 + LE 8.0.3 + USB ir TOY v2 + irsend to turn our gear on... this is working rather unreliably. seems after a while the lirc irToy driver can't r/w from the USB device (?)

    - if i kill the lircd and restart i still get input/output errors

    - if i unplug and plug it back in it works ... for a while

    this is what it looks like in journal when its not working

    and when things work properly i see this

    there has to be a better option than watching log for "lirc i/o erros" ... and then trigger kernel to reload device 1-1.5 ?

  • Can you post full logs?

    1. journalctl -a | paste
    2. dmesg | paste

    Could be some USB error and the device has fallen off the bus - logs should show that. Or it's some quirk in the ir toy firmware.

    so long,


  • i gave up on the irToy. i broke open a remote, recycled the IR led and enabled the lirc-rpi overlay.