IMX6 with new 5GHZ wifi dongle (RTL 8812)

  • Logfiles: dmesg kodi.log lsmod

    I purchased a new generic USB Wifi dongle with external antenna to see if I could improve on the limitations of the Cubox's internal 2.4Ghz antenna. Much to my amazement it worked straight out of the box. However after a reboot, it failed to connect with "Invalid argument" error. After a number of failed attempts (around 6), Kodi crashes and restarts.

    At this point, sometime - but not always - you can connect to wlan1, having to add the passkey again, and it connects.

    One problem is that I cannot delete nor edit the connection until it has connected, so I can't connect to another SSID via wlan1.

    The SSID is 11 characters log with no spaces, whereas the passkey is 19 characters with spaces (If that makes any difference).

  • Yes that works: The problem was a null 00:00:00:00:00 MAC address and thus a random one was being generated.

    Is there anyway to set a static IP address? The connman manual suggests that you can but only on the xxxx.managed.psk file, which of course is always different on reboot.

    Is this possible, as setting a DHCP reservation doesn't work or do I just have to live with dhcp?