Slowdowns on 7.0.2

  • I haven't touched my setup in months (LibreElec on Pi 2 with a wifi dongle, getting files from a HP MicroServer Gen8 through OMV) but since the 7.0.2, LibreElec has been really slow for pretty much everything :
    - Boot up ? It needs 2 minutes to get to a screen I can interact with against 45 seconds in the past.
    - Scanning the library ? It used to take 3 to 4 minutes tops to scan it all, now its 10 seconds per content !
    - Navigating the UI ? Press to enter another screen and it will take about 5 to 7 seconds to get me there.
    - Reading a file ? It needs to cache every 25 seconds. And I'm not talking 4K super-HD 6D with six 19.1 dts tracks files, even an old Divx file from 2005 needs to cache.

    What the heck is happening ? I just don't get how can it happen out of the blue with no action from my part what so ever. Please tell me there's something I can do without the need to completely reinstall : I need LibreElec today for my family but don't have the time to spend an hour reconfiguring everything.

    I'm fairly new to LibreElec, coming after the OpenElec fiasco but there's one thing that project got straight : their stable builds were really stable...

    Thank you !

  • I'm sure that with problems on OpenELEC you could provide a debug-enabled kodi.log file. Nothing is different on that with LibreELEC. Please start with providing your kodi.log file so we can have the basics to start with. A 2 minute startup does not happen on a vanilla LE setup, so I'm guessing he have made some additions and/or alterations already.

  • So we can assume that you was OK on 7.0.1 and only thing changed was update to 7.0.2?

    2x VIM3L, 3x X96 Air P3, 6x C2; 6x RPi2; 3x Win7 Kodi + vPeter's mariaDB plugin as Library DB

  • FYI, one of the primary reasons we forked from OE was stability. The guy that runs/ran OE felt it was acceptable to add 300+ untested commits (mostly package bumps) to the project codebase 24 hours before releasing a major beta. He did that kind of thing regularly. He did that kind of thing even when we expressly asked (and then begged) him not to. It pissed off a large number of people in and around the project. If OE was stable for individuals like yourself it was the result of luck more than design, because he was gambling with code.

    Your experience is not normal and bad performance is usually the result of bad hardware (e.g. dying SD cards or shitty network devices) or plugins (esp. the less than legal ones out there). As Klojum has said, a Kodi debug log is the best way to start.

  • Hi - Appologies if this is referenced elsewhere but in my searching I have not yet found something that seems to match this issue. I am running Kodi 14.1 Git:2015-01-30-38e4046-dirty (Compiled: Jan 29 2015) on a Mac Mini (Early 2009) with OS X 10.10.2 (Mavericks). Since upgrading to Mavericks (and the "Kodi" named revision of the old XBMC) at the same time I have noticed some periodic video skipping/slowdown issues. The odd thing is that the audio is not affected. I have not timed out the instances of this but this occurs at least several times during a video playback. The video will slow down (audio keeps going at normal rate) and get out of sync and within a second or 2 it jumps back into sync with the audio. I would think it would be a buffering issue except then I would expect the audio to have a similar skip to it. Prior to the upgrades it has been fine. Does anyone have any ideas of what to try, or is this a known issue with the new versions of Kodi and I should either try nightly builds or just hold out for a new general release?

    Let me know what else I can provide that will help. Thanks!