Read out the HDD temperature

  • Hi,

    i've bought a new case and i'm not sure whether my hard drives are cooled good enough. How can i read out the hdd temperatures with libreelec? in system settings i can see only the cpu and gpu temperature.

    bunter fisch

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    I doubt it, as that is Kodi not LE and wouldn't really be part of a debug as temperature never really is an issue in debugging an application.

    However, it wouldn't be difficult to write a shell script to monitor all three in the background.

    Also temperature is VERY platform specific, as the sensor is not always in the same place, so an Intel reading cannot really be compared to an Arm.

  • The commands cputemp gputemp and hddtemp all seem to work. So how would I display this on the screen. (for debug issues as hardware or software)

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    You'd need to go patching Kodi to add it into one of the on-screen displays. Adding GPU/CPU temp should be relatively simple as code exists for them in the system info screen that's part of Kodi settings, but HDD temp is not so you'd have to add more code for that. If you're competent at C++ go have a crack at it. If not, a cron job that exports values to a text file in /storage once per minute will be considerably easier.