LibreELEC builds with nVidia 304.xx driver

  • Hi Sam3,

    Could you please give me a link to download LibreElec build 8.2.3? I could not find it myself.


  • Older versions can be found here:

    Index of /

    Ps. Im still not sure whether this is a gpu driver issue - is it just the sound not working? Do the menus and video playback work correctly?

  • Thanks for sharing. The sound is working well for the internal PC speaker, however when I changed it to HDMI, there is no sound over HDMI on external monitor and there is load noise in internal PC too. I also tried with ubuntu, without proper driver 340.106 installed there is no sound over HDMI, so I suspect the driver is the issue.

  • I've just tried with 8.2.3, the problem was the same as before. HDMI no sound but very load noise on the internal speaker. I guess I have to give libreelec up.

  • I also tried Linux mint with 340.104 and it worked well, unbuntu 18.4 worked well with 340.106, I have no idea why libreelec can not work with 340.104 driver.

  • The internal speaker sound is probably handled by a realtek audio chip whilst the hdmi audio is probably handled by a nvidia hdmi audio chip.

    It sounds like it might be trying output the hdmi digital audio through your internal speakers creating the loud noise.

    I would recommend starting up your libreelec pc and waiting for 30 seconds so everything is fully loaded. Then log in to your LibreElec pc using ssh from another pc and restart Kodi using

    1. systemctl restart kodi

    And then go into audio options to see if any new devices appear.

    As it could just be caused by a slow loading hdmi audio driver and kodi has started before it is ready.

  • Did it work?

    If it works you can just create an file and insert a time delay of 10s to stop kodi loading before the system is ready:

    I mentioned this in my first reply to you ;)

    Edit: This command sent by ssh should do it for you:

    1. echo "#!/bin/sh" > /storage/.config/ && echo "sleep 10; \" >> /storage/.config/ && chmod +x /storage/.config/

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  • I've tried that. Still there is no audio passthrough to HDMI. The audio is still from internal speaker, good thing is there is no noise this time.

  • However, when I change audio back to internal speaker, it produced very load noise. It's quite frustrating.

  • Hi

    Unfortunately I've run out of ideas to try - it may be worth creating your own thread in general support with this issue where more people will see it


  • I am a longtime Linux user and recently was given an 11-year-old PC, an HP m8200n with an Nvidia GeForce 6150 GPU. I first tried Ubuntu 18.04.1 but that wouldn't install, then tried Windows 7 which installed but REALLY chugged. I've been meaning to try LibreELEC, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity, but was disappointed when it wouldn't boot after installing (Dependency failed for Fluxbox Window Manager).

    After some searching I ended up here and was blown away that I could get the latest LibreELEC version with legacy Nvidia drivers!8|

    It installed and worked perfectly in minutes when those other OSes wouldn't work in hours. Thank you so much for making this!!!

    BTW, your release notes mention compatibility with 7000+ series cards, I thought you should amend that to 6000+ as I can confirm it works on the 6150. The full supported products list is actually very long and covers ION, Quadro, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600: NVIDIA

  • It all depends on your definition of "it works". I'm not sure what type of videos are you watching, but by today's standards Kodi itself needs a recent version of OpenGL, while video acceleration starts with h.264 support. Basically, the Nvidia 8400GS was one of the first Nvidia cards that gave XMBC (back then) a smooth experience,

    Your 6150 GPU is a prehistoric graphics solution is defenseless against today's video wars as it has no proper video acceleration support, 99% of it must be done by the CPU in your pc. These days it is the GPU that does all the hard work so the CPU can enjoy a well-earned rest. :cool:

  • First, i wanted to say a big THANK YOU!! for compiling libreELEC with the older nVidia drivers.

    The issue I am having is with my paid IPTV service, using IPTV Simple Client (or even when playing channels directly from the addon). The service works, but playback is not smooth. I have no issues playing media streamed from a shared drive in my windows network.

    In playing with all of the settings, I discovered I can get a channel to play normally if I enable "Colour Management" under System Settings -> Display, with no LUT file selected. The channel syncs up and playback becomes smooth. If I stop and restart a channel, or try to change a channel with this setting enabled, I get no video at all. To change a channel, I have to go back into settings, untick the radio button, go back to TV to select my channel, then back to settings again to reenable colour management.

    I'm curious if anyone else has had similar issues with IPTV streaming in LE? Is it possible I need an even older video driver? Everything else about this build seems to work flawlessly, though I've not tried any other addons yet, as I want to resolve this issue.