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    Hi i have an htpc running the nvidia 1650 super graphics card with with Ryzen 5 3500 processor, i tried installing libreelec but as expected endup with X error.
    is there a build available for this graphic card?

    Any help ? 😞

    i tried with the latest 9.2.0 libreelec version.

    It looks like v9.20 comes with v430.50 nvidia drivers which are not new enough to support the 1650 super. at libreelec-9.2 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    NVIDIA DRIVERS Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver

    You can try building it with a newer driver such as v440.59

    NVIDIA DRIVERS Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver

    By changing the PKG_VERSION and PKG_SHA256 values (you will need to calculate the hash) in the GitHub file linked above.

    The easiest solution would be to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the v304.137 nvidia driver and the latest version of Kodi.

    Libreelec 9.0 uses a newer linux kernel which this older nvidia driver doesn't support and is end of life and wont be receiving any more updates from nvidia.

    The harder solution would be to use Libreelec 8 code and patch the new kodi version in and the older nvidia driver. I'm not sure how much new dependencies this newer kodi version will need to run on Libreelec 8 or how hard it will be to get it to work and It won't be something I will attempt as I no longer have the hardware to test.


    I tried a quite a few o.s on my nas (ubuntu server, ubuntu desktop, freenas and windows server).

    Ubuntu worked great for a while - my only trouble was I live in a rural area where we get quite few very brief power cuts (usually last for 1-2 seconds) and ubuntu didn't like unclean shutdowns much and would occasionally fail to start back up (every 1-2 months). It became quite a chore to pull my nas out connect it to a monitor and keyboard etc and try and fix it each time.

    I have quite a budget system and a UPS would end up costing more than my nas - so I tried freenas os after to see if it would hold up better.

    I liked the interface of freenas a lot. I finished setting it up and started transferring files and after about an hour of use I just happened to get another brief power outage - and you guessed it, it wouldn't boot :(

    I got a free copy of Windows Server from Microsoft for being a student so I thought I would give it a go and I've ended up using it for the past 6 years with no issues. It doesn't seem to be affected by power outages and always starts backup.

    As for network protocol - I use the standard windows SMB protocol as most of my PC's are on Windows and Linux has good support for this too.


    I must admit I have switched to using a raspberry pi (its actually much faster than my old system) and I no longer have my old system to test the builds on.

    I will have a go a building a version 9.0 though it will take a few days to finish (I'm using my low powered nas to do it).


    The issue I am having is with my paid IPTV service, using IPTV Simple Client (or even when playing channels directly from the addon). The service works, but playback is not smooth. I have no issues playing media streamed from a shared drive in my windows network.


    Unfortunately I don't use IPTV so can't help with this issue :(

    The display driver support isn't great for these old cards (especially the nvidia motherboard chipsets with integrated graphics) and may have some quirks (I know I still get around 15-30 dropped frames per movie on my 8100) .

    A different driver branch may help such as the v173.14.39 but will likely need many patches to compile for use with modern Linux kernals.

    Did it work?

    If it works you can just create an file and insert a time delay of 10s to stop kodi loading before the system is ready:

    I mentioned this in my first reply to you ;)

    Edit: This command sent by ssh should do it for you:

    1. echo "#!/bin/sh" > /storage/.config/ && echo "sleep 10; \" >> /storage/.config/ && chmod +x /storage/.config/

    The internal speaker sound is probably handled by a realtek audio chip whilst the hdmi audio is probably handled by a nvidia hdmi audio chip.

    It sounds like it might be trying output the hdmi digital audio through your internal speakers creating the loud noise.

    I would recommend starting up your libreelec pc and waiting for 30 seconds so everything is fully loaded. Then log in to your LibreElec pc using ssh from another pc and restart Kodi using

    1. systemctl restart kodi

    And then go into audio options to see if any new devices appear.

    As it could just be caused by a slow loading hdmi audio driver and kodi has started before it is ready.

    Your welcome ;)

    Also the older official LibreElec build 8.2.3 uses the 340.104 nvidia driver so you can probably download/try this version before to test if it works.

    Ps. you mentioned you needed 340.106 in an earlier post and then 340.104 in a later post???

    I've tried with 304.xx driver, but there is no sound through hdmi and there is very load noise on my laptop speaker.

    Does the menu still work or does the computer freeze?

    I've tried with 304.xx driver, but there is no sound through hdmi and there is very load noise on my laptop speaker. I think if the following code(PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 make image) is used then xf86-video-nvidia/ will be used instead of xf86-video-nvidia-legacy/ , please correct me if I am wrong.

    Both the legacy and current nvidia driver are built/included in Libreelec generic build and Libreelec will choose the appropriate driver for your card on boot. This list shows which devices use the current driver (the rest will use the legacy driver) at libreelec-8.2.5-gpu-legacy · sammy2142/ · GitHub

    The 9200m gs will use the lgacy driver so this is the file you need to edit

    I think the nvidia 9200M will use the legacy driver so this file:


    Like what I've done here:

    Rollback nvidia driver to 304.137 · sammy2142/[email protected] · GitHub

    Beware that some older drivers may need patches to work on the linux kernel included in libreelec.

    Ps. Also building could take many hours!

    And did you try what i mentioned earlier LibreELEC builds with nVidia 304.xx driver ?

    Ubuntu 16.04.x (LTS) is recommended for the build host.

    The command should be:

    PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 make image

    Hi chewitt,

    Thanks for your reply. I've tried however the Generic image does not work for me. There no sound over hdmi, so I'd like to compile the code with 340.160 to give it a try. I don't know how.

    It might be worth trying to restart kodi via ssh first. Sometimes kodi loads before the soundcard is initialised causing issues.

    If the sound starts working after you restart kodi via ssh then you can usually fix this issue by adding a delay at startup in the file:

    1. #!/bin/sh
    2. sleep 10; \