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    This is planned in the near future, but not implemented yet.

    WireGuard Didn't Make it To The Mainline Linux Kernel This Cycle - Phoronix

    If you really need Wireguard immediately, you can use the beta 3.0 firmware on GL.inet routers

    I think they submitted the code (revised) again and should get into 5.x kernel. Or at least many of us hope so. If yes, it will be in LE too?

    Btw, why is it not possible to add it to kernel on building? Lot of distroes already added, like Armbian.

    WG so good, so simple to configure, and resource friendly, something really important on SoC devices on which LE/CE runs most of the time. I couldn't believe how fast speed I am getting from a NanoPi NEO2 with Armbian, compared to OpenVPN.


    After all the hype around, I gave a try to Wireguard last weekend, and I must say, I’m also convinced. Man, this is really done so good. Easy to configure, so light on resources, and so fast. It would be really great to add Wireguard to kernel as it can solve so many things, so simple to use and really fast. Any chance that it is added to the Kernel? Is it complicated for some reason?


    I would need to have access to two Kodi boxes over Internet (actually to make Sonarr and Radarr send db update on download). I see there is a way to force https for webserver of Kodi. Can you point me to right direction and explain how?

    Maybe another option to achieve this?

    I can't use Emby or Plex for db.

    I wonder if it is possible to play local files? I can use it on desktop to phone (with playlist and download). Maybe it can be added too?


    I must admit I have switched to using a raspberry pi (its actually much faster than my old system) and I no longer have my old system to test the builds on.

    I will have a go a building a version 9.0 though it will take a few days to finish (I'm using my low powered nas to do it).


    I would aslo appreciate a lot if you build an nvidia legacy version of LE 9.

    One favor if I might ask, if you are already building it: could you add the dual audio patch for a second build? It is only a matter of adding the patch file to Kodi patch dir when building. These older nvidia solutions are really great as audio payers too for analog audio.

    The patch is here: Link

    Not sure if the patch will work for Kodi v18, but worth a try.

    Many thanks!

    Well, stunnel has been recommended for my use case, but to be honest, I'm still in the process of testing.

    I need to stream from a remote Tvheadend backend to my local client. One option is indeed over ssh with autossh, but due to better performance, on Tvheadend forum stunnel was recommended over ssh. Since I need to use a client on C2 running LE, I can't test stunnel to see if it is indeed any better than stunnel.

    Now I'm stuck as I don't see a way how to get stunnel on LE. Mabye compile in VM?

    I am using following

    1. if pgrep "autossh" > /dev/null
    2. then
    3. :
    4. else
    5. autossh -M 0 -f -N -R <target_machine_availability_port>:localhost:22 <target_machine> -p <target_machine_ssh_port> -o "ServerAliveInterval 30" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -o "ExitOnForwardFailure yes"
    6. fi

    keys are setuped between Rpi <--> Target_machine already, so simple ssh <target_machine> -p <target_mchine_ssh_port> works out of the box from Rpi shell.

    + just to be sure, crontab item

    1. */15 * * * * /storage/

    Many thanks! I do get the autossh options, but not sure about the tunnel. I want two ports from remote server to be tunneled to my local client, lets say ports 9111 and 9112. The remote server SSH is listening on port 1255.

    And where do you put/edit the in Libreelec?

    I know it's 2 years old but need to ask really ;) How can I operate with this add-on ? :)

    Got script ready but don't think locations will work ? Also don't get what's this is ? "7474:"

    Borygo77 See you didn't have any update on this. I opened another topic asking for help with AutoSSH.

    Maybe you managed to configure this on LE? If yes, could you please help me out?