How to update pihole (in docker)

  • My raspberry pi I have the the Milhouse build #805. I have Docker installed with pi-hole running.

    I see that there is a new version of pi-hole out, but don't know how to update it.

  • but don't know how to update it

    the pi-hole version comes directly from the used docker image, as long this is not updated and fixed you can't update

    afaik 4.0 has some problems so there is no update yet

  • You might be able to do it by running.

    1. docker exec "pihole_container_name" pihole up

    but as cvh mentioned, there are issues with V4.0 so it's best to stay on the current release.

  • You need to enter the pihole container name as used on your machine (docker ps -a) not "pihole_container_name".

    Still best to stick with 3,3.

  • I see Pihole docker is still on version 3.x, I wonder if there was a specific reason not to update to latest Pihole? What are the problems with v3.x?

    And if update is possible, how?

  • Pihole doesn't run in docker very well. Some arguments need to be entered in the container creation step and webui settings changes are reset when it is restarted. Not to mention v4 flat out didn't work on some devices.

    We have released an adguard addon that works much better. I have personally switched over to adguard as well. It is a more polished product.

    You can install that instead, then go to libreelec's ip at port 3000 to do the install wizard (you don't have to change any of those settings) and then it will be available at port 80