Stunnel on Libreelec?

  • Hi,

    I would need to use stunnel on my Odroid C2 and Rpi2 running Libreelec. Could somebody help me how to add stunnel? Or maybe how to compile stunnel to work on LE?

    Many thanks!

  • Ssh tunneling is not enough for your use case?

    Better support for Amlogic devices: use CoreELEC

    Blu-ray Disc Java menus support - forum thread, Github

    my lamp addon (unofficial/community with limited support)
    my touchscreen support and instructions by Grruhn (now touchscreen addon exists in repository)

  • Well, stunnel has been recommended for my use case, but to be honest, I'm still in the process of testing.

    I need to stream from a remote Tvheadend backend to my local client. One option is indeed over ssh with autossh, but due to better performance, on Tvheadend forum stunnel was recommended over ssh. Since I need to use a client on C2 running LE, I can't test stunnel to see if it is indeed any better than stunnel.

    Now I'm stuck as I don't see a way how to get stunnel on LE. Mabye compile in VM?