RPi 3 Bluetooth isn't working

  • Working now keyboard. Thanks :)

  • Bluetooth and/or Bluetooth on the Pi3 and/or Bluetooth on Linux overall ... is hugely broken. It works for about 30 seconds whereupon it simple disconnects devices.

    I might have a bad RPi3 board but I doubt it. First instance of failure I experienced was with Android 6 and a crappy generic OBDII adaptor. Although dubious, the adaptor works well for Torque in Android, so maybe it's just that every other app can't get the BT connection right? Fine. Next, RPi3 and Raspbian from SSH connecting to the same adaptor. Again, connects, then fails just when you start thinking it's going to be reliable. Next, RPi3 LibreELEC 8 and Bose headphones. Again, connects fairly easily only to drop out after about 30 seconds.

    The common factor? Linux (Android, Raspbian, LibreELEC) and Bluetooth (OBDII adaptors, Bose headphones, ASUS phone).

    A friend reckons those developing/maintaining Bluetooth for Linux started out getting the terminal/command line interface working. Before the got that working well, they switched their focus to GUI. Now neither of the interfaces is reliable.

    Not as if Bluetooth is a new technology or anything!