bcm943142hm combo wifi+bluetooth module problem and solution with bluetooth.

  • x86_64 platform 7.90.005 (and all previous including OpenElec).
    Bluetooth does not work at bcm943142hm combo wifi+bluetooth module. Wifi work great.

    A similar problem with bcm943142 on Ubuntu

    Place BCM.hcd (from attachment) in /lib/firmware/brcm/

    !!! Please add this file in your build system !!!

    I tested on Intel NUC DE3815 (unsquashfs SYSTEM, move BCD.hcd to /lib/firmware/brcm and mksquashfs SYSTEM back)


    • BCM.zip

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  • We are happy to add missing firmware files, but you need to provide us with the original upstream source location for the files. We cannot just add things that people post to a forum. Thanks :)

  • Actually I put my bcm drive in the directory u say (firmware) n nothing change. I can't make Bluetooth work with LE.

    I made myself the drive with de windows version and is working with elementary os but not with LE :(:huh: