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    Sorry, I now see my question was interpretable as a request. Not my intention. I know the last thing LibreELEC developers need to do is continue to maintain 9.2 ... although you have tweaked it several times :) , hence .8, to the benefit of all end users and for that I thank you most sincerely.

    LibreELEC 10 / Kodi 19.* Matrix seems to be a big step as it is. The RPi4 rev 1.4 is news to me but must be an added head scratching factor, I'm sure!

    Occasionally peek at the commit feeds for the RPi firmware and LibreELEC, noticing the significant work happening consistently and in no way do I want to burden the devs with a 9.2.* branch request, adding to the workload.

    Instead of a request, I was just seeking clarification as my compilation experience, and Linux driver knowledge, is minimal :)

    Thanks for the link!

    The dwc2 driver isn't included in LibreELEC [stable, 9.2.8]

    With Kodi Matrix 19.x requiring add-ons are updated to use Python 3, as the LibreELEC blog suggests, many users are expected to stay on the LibreELEC 9 / Kodi 18 Leia releases for some time. Particularly as RPi4 video support is not very mature in Kodi 19 so RPi4 users, at least, might be inclined to stay put.

    Is it possible to add dwc2 driver support to the LibreELEC 9 series? Does it require recompiling the kernel?

    Wow. 5 years later, just found this repo. Looks amazing, but a shipload of effort from one person? Alas ...

    2021-06-22 23:02:42.444 T:2566869760  NOTICE: Thoradia Add-ons: found release 9.2.0/RPi4/arm
    2021-06-22 23:02:42.444 T:2566869760  NOTICE: Thoradia Add-ons: using release 9.2.0/RPi4/arm
    2021-06-22 23:02:42.449 T:2566869760  NOTICE: Thoradia Add-ons: updated datadir to
    2021-06-22 23:02:51.640 T:2608833280   ERROR: CRepository: failed read 'TBD'
    2021-06-22 23:02:51.739 T:3010547776 WARNING: CGUIMediaWindow::OnMessage - updating in progress
    2021-06-22 23:02:53.512 T:2566869760   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting addons://service.thoradia/
    2021-06-22 23:02:53.545 T:3010547776   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(addons://service.thoradia/) failed

    RPi4 (4GB); LE 9.2.7

    Uncertain whether to add this to the GitHub issues as there's already one for LE10 that I assume is similar if not the same cause. Do not want to hassle anyone unnecessarily.

    this is already happen since LE7 :)

    system-tools addon:

    autossh, diffutils, dtach, efibootmgr, evtest, fdupes, file, getscancodes, hddtemp, hd-idle, hid_mapper, i2c-tools, inotify-tools, jq, lm_sensors, lshw, mc, mrxvt, mtpfs, nmon, p7zip, patch, pv, screen, strace, unrar and usb-modeswitch

    Yep and that's great but htop is not currently on that list. I realise the list could be infinite, but perhaps any reasonable utilities that were previously available, would be a good start, assuming htop is still available for supported LibreELEC architectures.

    OpenELEC had a very handy unofficial addons repo that included a good number of handy tools like htop.

    I'd really like to see the same happen for LibreELEC.

    Bluetooth and/or Bluetooth on the Pi3 and/or Bluetooth on Linux overall ... is hugely broken. It works for about 30 seconds whereupon it simple disconnects devices.

    I might have a bad RPi3 board but I doubt it. First instance of failure I experienced was with Android 6 and a crappy generic OBDII adaptor. Although dubious, the adaptor works well for Torque in Android, so maybe it's just that every other app can't get the BT connection right? Fine. Next, RPi3 and Raspbian from SSH connecting to the same adaptor. Again, connects, then fails just when you start thinking it's going to be reliable. Next, RPi3 LibreELEC 8 and Bose headphones. Again, connects fairly easily only to drop out after about 30 seconds.

    The common factor? Linux (Android, Raspbian, LibreELEC) and Bluetooth (OBDII adaptors, Bose headphones, ASUS phone).

    A friend reckons those developing/maintaining Bluetooth for Linux started out getting the terminal/command line interface working. Before the got that working well, they switched their focus to GUI. Now neither of the interfaces is reliable.

    Not as if Bluetooth is a new technology or anything!

    If you aren't using using "Estuary" as the main skin, then you get the following errors:

    11:47:36  67.841087 T:1961553920 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: DefaultBackground
    11:47:36  67.841209 T:1961553920 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: TopBar
    11:47:36  67.841263 T:1961553920 WARNING: Skin has invalid include: BottomBar
    11:47:36  67.849884 T:1961553920   ERROR: Window Translator: Can't find window videolibrary
    11:47:36  67.850266 T:1961553920 WARNING: Label Formating: $VAR[GlobalFanartVar] is not defined

    It is annoying if you have errors in the log and you think it is coming from the skin you are using (AeonNox SiLVO)

    Seeing the same problem myself using Amber on LibreELEC 7.95.3 which is based on a stable (LOL) Kodi and is a release candidate, so it's no longer just an alpha bug, klojum.

    Thanks for debugging it, heisenberg.

    Would be good to get this sorted out so it doesn't bloat the log and therefore make other bugs more tricky to see.