Odd network question

  • Ok got an odd question on network speeds.
    playing movies work fine no buffering issues.
    the problem is when I try to copy a movie or audio book to the drive running libreelec.
    it seems to be very slow, like an hour for a 2gb movie.
    but if I boot the machine to windows it takes a few minutes any thoughts?
    happens on a laptop and desktop


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    You don't mention what hardware you're using, or if its ethernet or Wifi.

    If you running off of a SD card, then that is more than likely the issue, especially if it's not a class 10. Also if it's an older RPi (Model A/B) then you've only got a small CPU.

    Also if it's an RPi, then you're limited to 10/100 ethernet.

    As always - the more information you provide, the easier your resolution.

  • I'll get you hardware in a bit . been busy with other projects. should be tonight tho......

  • ok here are some specs...
    laptop is a asus x751ma
    8gb memory 320gb hard drive (libreelec is only thing installed on drive) (lot fasted booting this way than usb)
    Linksys EA3500 Router with latest firmware. connecting wirelessly to laptop on 2.4 ghz network
    internal wi/fi nic is a realtek rtl8111

    transfer rate was 2.2mb/s

    takes about 2 minutes to transfer the 220mb update file to the laptop 12 inches from router