Rsync from NAS to NUC running LibreELEC

  • Hello
    I have a always-on headless raspberry pi 3 running raspbian as my home NAS and torrentbox on a closet and a NUC running LibreELEC from an sdcard by the TV. Both of them have a 2Tb external drive attached.
    I've been trying to sync the movies and tvshows folders from the NAS to the NUC with no success. The goal is whenever I turn on my NUC (LibreELEC) it automatically transfers and syncs the movies and tvshows from the torrentbox to the NUC. I know how to use rsync on local folders, but I can't get it to work remotely because of ssh keys. As far has I read I have to create a script on the NUC (LibreELEC) to connect to the pi and rsync via ssh. The authentication has to be via sshkeys because I don't want to enter the password everytime the script runs.

    Can anyone help me? I'm quite the noob. Thank you