Spec me an all in one box for LE

  • One thing worth mentioning with NUC's is that they only support hardware decoding of 8bit H265 videos. If you want 4k output, it may be worth waiting until kabylake processors get released later on this year and get a kabylake based NUC that should have 10bit H265 hardware decoding capabilities.

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  • Yes I was reading earlier about some of NUC negatives. There doesn't seem to be a standout winner at the moment. Perhaps stick with my RPi3 a bit longer.

  • Couldn't runoff a built in SSD?

    What about this? What remote could be used with it?

    OMG are SCAN still trading? Hope they have improved, I remember them from when I lived in the UK and they were bad news..

    I went for the genuine microsoft MCE remote and it is fantastic with my NUCS, I also have an xbox360 and the remotes from that work as well !!

    That machine is the same one I specced for you, only difference is the hard drive, I assumed you just wanted the OS so I specced for that with 32gb, if you intend to store files then yup it will cost more for the drive, some people are dropping 1 or 2 tb drives in for a portable system ;)

    No system will ever be perfect as technology moves on and if you wait...............

  • And just to confirm we are good with 4K / h265 with your spec? Literally about to hit the buy button!

    It's only 8bit h265 & hdmi 1.4. Given you're set on 4k I would advise against buy a nuc until they have 10bit support & hdmi 2.

    It's not a big deal now, but it will be in the very near future.

    Here are the actual specs on that ebay nuc.

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  • This is no current solution for my needs really is there. Stick with RPi3 then for a few months?

    I bought an odroid C2 as a stop gap, but if you've got a pi3 I would stick with that for now.

    The kabylake chips should be arriving in Q4, so we should hopefully be able to buy a Nuc that's fully compatible with our 4k tv's early next year.

  • Yes, no point spending hundreds for the sake of it. Especially when my fleet of RPi3's do what I need them to do. Will hang on for a few months.