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    Thanks for the reply silashack. And a Yorkshireman to boot. Leeds here!

    Batley till 15 years, now Australia :) :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

    But another answer if you would like to stay small is to use a raspberry pie , check this out, it is OTT but gives you the idea

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    I made the mistake of buying a beelink that uses the rockchip products and running KODI is fine (ish) and there are so called versions tweaked for the rockchips, but they are no way as well supported as LibreELEC does for other SOC, it was an early punt and I quickly learned.

    They are also only available as an add in to the OS, not like our beloved LibreELEC

    I have a Beyonwiz T3 and it works great as a PVR using VU+/Enigma 2 client, I also bought this unit as it was the first that allowed me to record the recordings (!) direct to a NAS drive so that other units could watch the recordings, LibreELEC has no issue with it and I would recommend it to anyone.

    You can put TB drives in the unit, but I have a small 8GB SSD in there that is cache and all other data goes to my NAS.

    First thing I test on a new build and so far rock solid, I have played with building a PC with tuners, but for simplicity the T3 just works

    People missing 2 seconds from the beginning of the video: enable Expert settings, go to Settings > Video > Playback and set "Pause during refresh rate change" to the amount that is missing.

    I set the delay to 1 second and that appears to have fixed the issue.

    Many thanks for even bothering to still help, I know it is a pffily little thing, maybe just me being OCD, but I test on each new version :)


    This is because of the vq patch I am using. The patch fixes dropping vq over time and stuttering effect that comes after this happens. It also makes seeking and channel switching much quicker. The only downside it what you observed, i.e. a (little) few seconds missing at the beginning of some videos. This can't be improved without significantly modifying Amlogic HW decoding implementation in Kody Jarvis and I've already spent too much time trying to improve this patch. I have decided to leave the patch in current state for all future Jarvis builds because it's the best solution we can have. It's much more different in Krypton and that's where development focus is at.

    You are seeing "alphabet" editions of because this is the last Jarvis version from me and I'm only going to add improvement to hardware handling should they come over time.

    Ah, that's all I needed to hear, just wondered if it was my box , and as always, this is not reported as a problem, just an observation, love your work and much appreciated.

    OK I am on g running from nand on a T95m 2/8 original (!) that is using the 905 ( later models are x variants)

    No issues with booting etc so no need for the temperature version


    It is now back to missing the first few seconds (around 3 i think) of any video called from either nfs or smb shares, this was not there in d or f I missed e :)

    I remember there were fixes, but I thought these had been 'installed' into the builds rather than were executed later by a changed setting in sound?

    or is it just this box?

    Cheers people

    OK people am I missing something?

    I have just ordered a new box for someone and he will use it with USB external drives, no network in the mine sites :)

    Built and tested to sdcard, then to nand, all looks good, but when I then try to add a usb drive 1tb wd usb3 nothing , the unit has 2 slots and neither of them work, they DO work when using the supplied android image, but not on LE !!

    any ideas? yeah I also tried 4/32 usb 2 sticks as well

    I am a BIG fan of the NUC range, but I think the issue here is different, just HOW much of your content is of the HEVC 10b variety and are they your own recoded or 'obtained' material. either way unless you are a purist then simply obtain the right levels of material for your needs. As stated tech will change constantly and to tie yourself to any current platform can be problematic, why not have your content in the most compatible format, a lot of people are just going with the latest most fancy, but are unable to tell the differences in either the video or the audio.

    Just look at the number of posts re the s9nnx/s8nnx models and see how varied the final products are, at least with the NUC you have stability (E&OE) and yes that does come with a cost.