(Automatic) Update within LibreElec doesn't work

  • I activated the option to notify if an update is available. When I now select the update function, LibreElec downloads the latest GZ image and stores it in the update folder. After downloading and unzipping the system reboots. However after the first restart it doesn't update the system images. Instead I got the message again that a new version is available for download.

    I tested it only on the Intel NUC machine which has "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.90.002.tar" installed.

    I presume the "problem" is that the GZ image is being downloaded but during the update procedure at start up LibreElec check's if a TAR file is present (like it was the case with OpenElec).

  • The updater has been rewritten to work with img.gz, and that part works, so not sure what failed here, but we'll look into it.

  • No, there is an actual problem with our updater. We are looking into it, we will get back to you when we have found the cause.

  • it is solved now. we had overlooked a few things when implementing "img.gz" update. it uses ".tar" for now, while we fix the missing pieces in the auto updater.

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  • v6.90.004 will be pushed as a .tar update (sometime in the next 24 hours) to correct things in the settings app and v6.90.005 will re-test .img.gz update. It's working fine here when testing fixes this morning :)