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    Updating from inside the LibreELEC app doesn't seem to work for me. It downloads the update, unpacks it, restarts but doesn't install the update.

    MaDeMaNN: img.gz is now available on the download page: downloads – LibreELEC

    karcyon: what build are you on, and what version?

    I just reported the same problem in another thread. I presume the "problem" is that the GZ image is downloaded but during the update check at start up the systems checks for a TAR image...

    My build: LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.90.002.tar on an Intel NUC

    I activated the option to notify if an update is available. When I now select the update function, LibreElec downloads the latest GZ image and stores it in the update folder. After downloading and unzipping the system reboots. However after the first restart it doesn't update the system images. Instead I got the message again that a new version is available for download.

    I tested it only on the Intel NUC machine which has "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.90.002.tar" installed.

    I presume the "problem" is that the GZ image is being downloaded but during the update procedure at start up LibreElec check's if a TAR file is present (like it was the case with OpenElec).

    Yesterday I updated my two Intel HTPC machines (one Intel NUC and one older AMD based PC) without any real problems from OpenElec to LibreElec. And today I updated my Raspberry PI2 from OpenElec to LibreElec.

    In case you have PVR add-on's installed you have to de-install the PVR and re-install it again from LibreElec respository. Then the PVR add-on works again. The settings were kept in my case.

    Great job team and as a gratitude I donate some money to keep up the good work.