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    Sorry, english isn't my native tongue, and I don't know if I'm understanding you. Do you mean that you had to change dw2102 driver in order to get your old HDStar working on Ubuntu? Is that possible with this new revision?

    PS: it's a shame because I updated to 4.13 kernel because it was needed to build the driver. I dind't save any log of the building process in 4.4 and idk how to boot in 4.4 again from ssh.

    Well I tried to compile it on my Ubuntu Server 16.04 but I couldn't. I'm totally lost with the procedure.

    I understand that is a problem with the kernel version supported:


    1. [[email protected]]:(1.5Mb)~/utils/media_build$ uname -r
    2. 4.4.0-128-generic

    Anyone can help me?