RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

  • Hey!!

    This version looks like a lot of fun! Thanks a lot for your work. Is there any chance that in the near future is going to be a version for Cubox-i?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Just a question to Intel NUC users with Retroarch : what do you guys think performs best in terms of input lag and general performance : KMS/DRM or Vulkan ? Thanks !

  • guys any body knoq how i can make usb hdd sleep when i not use them and wake up when i start downloading files with transmission?

  • Tromzy

    KMS is the best, then GL. There's a thread over at the libretro forums about input lag, I've adapted the best settings in this build (just enable KMS as described on first page). Vulkan is currently lagging behind, I wouldn't use it for anything just yet.

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  • Thanks Escalade ; I've read the thread at libretro forums, and I currently use KMS anyways (I just wanted to be sure). :)

  • And again, I have no sound... :( I did not change anything, I have sound in Retroarch, but not on Kodi. The output is HDMI as usual...

    Edit : found the problem : sound volume was set to the minimum... But I did not change it myself ?

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  • How did you setup the emulator menu in Kodi?
    I want to switch the skin of Kodi to Titan, just not sure how you did it in the stock kodi skin

  • Hi Escalade, I have updated libreelec (on rpi3) after several months and currently I have an issue with 2 PS3 controllers, basically both are recognized either in Kodi/LibreElec or Emulationstation but for some reason only one is recognized directly in emulator (retroarch). For example if I run some nes game where 2 players can play simultaneously they are both controlled by one ps3 controller.
    This was working (and still is working as I have old backup) without any issue in the old image with old retroarch:

    LibreELEC:~ # retroarch --version
    RetroArch: Frontend for libretro -- v1.3.4 -- 2f7bc87 --
    Compiler: GCC (5.3.0) 32-bitBuilt: Jun 4 2016

    Do you have any idea what can be the issue in current image and why retrorarch doesn't recognize second ps3 controller?
    The weird thing is that it still provides message that ps3 controller in port #0 and port#1 has been configured but it seems that it redirects the both ports just to the first ps3 controller.
    the current retroarch version:

    LibreELEC:~ # retroarch --version
    RetroArch: Frontend for libretro -- v1.3.6 -- d49502d --
    Compiler: GCC (6.3.0) 32-bitBuilt: Jan 5 2017
    Hi again,

    so I have found what is causing this issue.
    In current retroarch.cfg there's input_driver option set to "sdl2". In my previous config this was set to "udev".
    After setting back to "udev" ps3 controllers are recognized correctly and independently in retrorarch

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