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    @nexusle @ Blackhazard
    I was having the same issue with PSX emulator and getting a black screen after launching a rom.
    I was able to resolve my black screen issue by uploading additional Bios files into the /storage/roms/bios folder

    if you want to try my solution, here's a link to bios files that I'm using, uncompress and upload to the bios folder

    Feature Request: Intellivision Emulator - jzIntv

    Been having alot of fun adding other game systems to this build. This one's got me stuck.
    Manually added the linux files to the /tmp/cores folder.
    Tried to run the jzIntv binary and I get an error message - cannot open no such file
    It seems that this library is missing and I cannot seem to add it as the OS is read only.

    Any suggestions on how to or if you can add it next build.
    @ escalade thanks again for the work you're doing! :)


    I've uploaded new builds that fixes it so you don't need the hack anymore. Also I've uploaded lrusak's updated version (PR1147) that fixes the 100% cpu usage when no controller is detected.

    Thanks for this.
    Using your Extended build, The controller works in Kodi but not in Emulastation. Is there a way to get the Shield Controller to work?

    Hi All
    Stumbled upon this build and so far it's great. I'm having issues with the sound in emulationstation.
    When I setup the asound.conf file my system never loads kodi, and kodi just loops a crash. I have to rename/remove the file and kodi loads fine.

    My kodi is connected to my screen via HDMI. My system has 2 HDMI ports and I'm sure I'm on HDMI0.
    I have my Kodi sound set to "ALSA: HDA Intel PCH, SAM SAMSUNG on HDMI" and audio works fine.

    I have edited the sample asound.conf to this:pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm {
    @func getenv
    vars [ ALSAPCM ]
    # Device name can be found using the command 'aplay -L'
    default "hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0”

    output from aplay -L

    hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 HDA Intel PCH, HDMI 0 HDMI Audio Output
    hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=1 HDA Intel PCH, HDMI 1 HDMI Audio Output
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.