RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

  • Hi escalade,

    Just for information, I solved my sound problem ! :D

    The update switched the default sound output from HDMI to Analog ; but when I reverted it, I still did not have sound in Kodi because I noticed yesterday that if you use a gamepad to navigate the menu, the Kodi sounds don't play ; but if you use a remote like Yatse on Android for example, they work !

    Also, I had to change the sound output in Retroarch too, by adding the HDMI output manually to the "sound_device" line in reotrarch.cfg.

    Now everything works !

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  • Yes it's confusing that there are no navigation sounds when using a gamepad :/

    As for sound in emulators, you should create an asound.conf as described on first page. It'll be used for anything outside of Kodi.

  • Blackhazard



    Actually I didn't notice my naming convention was broken by the removal of "devel" in master, next build will be usual name with date. The version number is used in the toolchain and directories so didn't want to do a full rebuild to fix it. Let's call it a beta celebration build :)


    Is there a well maintained emulator for it?

  • FoxXav

    There's already reicast libretro core, that's what the reicast folder in roms is for ;)


    Yes, it should be ready. Planning to get the i5 myself.

    Hi escalade,

    For reicast I was talking about the raspberry image and not the libretro core as it seems not available for arm actually. That's why I was reffering on retropie in which they put reicast emulator to allow dreamcast play (I have tested marvel vs capcom 2 which work well enough on rpi3 in retropie).

    Again, nice work I'm really happy with your build :)

    See you.

  • SuperKing

    Post your /tmp/emulationstation.log. Do you get sound running "speaker-test" from CLI?

    DoC JoNeS

    Cool, that sounds like it will work better.

    As for uae4arm, you could copy the script from /usr/bin/uae4arm.start and then run the commands manually to debug the issue. I use "tvservice" to switch to 50Hz for perfect scrolling in Amiga games.

    Hi escalade,

    it seems that the tvservice command at the end of the uae4arm script causes the issue. I can reproduce it by typing the command any time when kodi or emulation station is running no matter i use mode 31 or mode 16.

    Do you have any idea about this? I use a pi3 with a 1080p display connected via HDMI.


  • FoxXav

    I can't get either reicast-libretro or the standalone to compile for RPi, so you're out of luck.

    DoC JoNeS

    I don't know, must be something weird with your HDMI handshake. Perhaps try using a preloaded EDID (don't know if that's even possible on the Pi).

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your hard work. It works fine.
    Last Retroarch UI is very nice.
    My PS3 Bluetooth Controller is also natively supported.

    I'm using this Estuary MOD skin :
    Estuary MOD

    Main menu can be easily customized and it includes also Estuary skinning for LibreELEC settings screen.
    Is it possible to tell me Kodi actions used to launch Retroarch and EmulationStation UI? (to add two new entries to main menu)

    Advanced Launcher is your best bet
    I Am Using It To Add Apps To The Titan beta
    The Binary and .sh Files are located /usr/bin Directory
    Link to Advanced Launcher: plugin.program.advanced.launcher