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    Probably because libevdev isn't included in the RPi image. I've added it as a dependency to reicast and a 20170615 image is uploading try that ;)

    Hi escalade,

    i just installed the Image 20170614 where i could not connect my ps3 controllers via bluetooth also. After updating to 20170615 i can connect them again. Since this version i cannot connect my bluetooth keyboard anymore. Is it possible that because of this libevdev? I can remember that i had the same problem with the retropie image. There you had to choice if you wanted to connect ps3 controllers via bluetooth or any other devices. Both at the same time was not possible.

    My old "escelade" image i used before 20170615 allowed to connect my bluetooth keaboard and my ps3 controllers at the same time. That was pretty cool and your "retro gaming image" was the only one i found where both was working at the same time.

    Do you have any clue what could have been different in the past image? If needed i can look after the specific escelade version i used before.



    I only have this problem if i have my avr connected to my pi. It seems that the pi isn't recognizing the hdmi for the automatic alsa mixer output selection. As i wrote i can solve this issue by typing the "amixer cset numid=3 2" command. Is there any way starting this command when starting up emulation station? I've seen there is an emulationstation.start file which i could use but it is on the read only file system.

    Hi escalade,

    i have a problem with having no sound if i connect my pi3 with an AVR over HDMI. I found out that i can force the pi to output the sound to the hdmi interface by typing "amixer cset numid=3 2" (Audio configuration - Raspberry Pi Documentation). The problem with this "solution" is that it is not permanently. I have to type this every time i restart the pi. It is not possible to store these values by typing "alsactl store". If i try to use the asound.conf like this:

    But than i get an error message:

    speaker-test 1.1.2
    Playback device is default
    Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels
    Using 16 octaves of pink noise
    Channels count (1) not available for playbacks: Invalid argument
    Setting of hwparams failed: Invalid argument

    Is there a possibility to force the hdmi output with the asound.conf? How do i have to configure the asound.conf? Can i alternativly add a script to the startup of the system or of emulationstation?



    Post your /tmp/emulationstation.log. Do you get sound running "speaker-test" from CLI?

    DoC JoNeS

    Cool, that sounds like it will work better.

    As for uae4arm, you could copy the script from /usr/bin/uae4arm.start and then run the commands manually to debug the issue. I use "tvservice" to switch to 50Hz for perfect scrolling in Amiga games.

    Hi escalade,

    it seems that the tvservice command at the end of the uae4arm script causes the issue. I can reproduce it by typing the command any time when kodi or emulation station is running no matter i use mode 31 or mode 16.

    Do you have any idea about this? I use a pi3 with a 1080p display connected via HDMI.


    Hi escalade,

    i've managed to load my scumm games via the retroarch core. You can launch the games once they were added in the scumm gui or manually in the /storage/roms/bios/scummvm.ini if you use a simple file with only a single line with the title of one of the sections genereted in scummvm.ini in double quotes (like "atlantis"). You can use these files as "roms" in emulation station config by using the command line "/usr/bin/retroarch.start -L /tmp/cores/ %ROM%". Just use the extension of the files you've generated before (like ".scummvm" or ".start"). Beside of this method the seems to only work with ".exe" files. That was what i found out searching for infos in different forums.

    The problem with the uae4arm maybe lies within the HDMI Settings change i can see in emulation station log:

    Powering on HDMI with explicit settings (CEA mode 31)
    Powering on HDMI with explicit settings (CEA mode 16)

    I get back to emulation station after quitting uae4arm but my screen stays black. I can hear the menu sound and even can go back to kodi blindly by pressing the menu butten, going down 4 times and then press the "select" button. After quitting emulation station i can see the kodi menu normally and if i start emulation station again all seems to be normal there again, too.

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Hello Folks,

    i've been wondering if it is possible to search only through this single thread, i didn't find any possibility. I wanted to know how i can ad the scumm Emulation to the emulation station menu. I know that i can add new entrys to the es_systems.cfg config file, but i don't know how the command line for the scumm core so the emulation station will scan my directory for my scumm games. The second thing on my pi3 is that when i quit the uae4arm than i only get a black screen. Is there any way to solve this problem?

    Thank you in advance.