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    Ad1) Yes it is possible. I am streaming games from PC to RPi3 with this build by Moonlight add-on. My both DS3 controllers works like a charm.
    Ad2) Yes. SC works in Kodi. But I need a bit help with making it work with Moonlight. ATM in my configuration SC only have working joystick without any buttons in Steam Big Picture, ro further any game run from Steam.
    Ad3) All mentioned programs are installed, but by default are not running. On FIRST post, on FIRST page, you have info about it.
    @escalada: From 2017013 I've noticed a temperature spike. For last few months my RPi was working around 50-55 C, and now I constantly get thermometer icon, even thou I didn't add any software running in back etc. What kind of logs do you need to check this?

    I need help. With controllers. I have: 1 DS3, 1 DS3 compatible (Tracer Trooper BLUETOOTH PS3) and Steam Controller. This 2 DS3 works perfectly. But I can't make to SC to work in Moonlights (so also in Steam Big Picture). I need to notice that all of them works quite well in Kodi.

    I know Moonlight have maping function, but I don't know how to attach this map files to an icon in Kodi, which actually starts my Moonlight add-on? Also I think problem is with config in Moonlight. In its options you can pick a *.map file profile for controllers, but only one. So in my case, Moonlight is trying to map DS3 profile to all my controllers. As of that there is a problem with SC.

    PS. In Steam run by Moonlight I am able to use all buttons, triggers, joysticks on DS3 pads, but on SC, only analog joystick works.

    Any help?

    Finlly I am able to use my SC! This hack works but only in Kodi. In Moonlight streaming Big Picture from my PC to TV just joystick works. Eh. Same as with PS4 controller.

    Another thing. from command line, running gives:

    LibreELEC:~/.kodi/addons/driver.steamcontroller/bin # python
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 28, in <module>
        from steamcontroller import SteamController
    ImportError: No module named steamcontroller

    also, check if this works

    >>> from enum import IntEnum

    This last one gave me this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    ImportError: cannot import name IntEnum

    And also after exiting python, this sys.path added by this command ">>> sys.path.append('/storage/.kodi/addons/driver.steamcontroller/lib')", disapears. from sys.path variable.


    - Rebased on latest LE8
    - Updated kernel to 4.9.1
    - Disabled vsync by default in Dosbox
    - Updated Kodi to latest Krypton git
    - Updated Mesa to latest git
    - Updated RetroArch fixes XMB UI not displaying properly in some cases
    - Rebuilt RPi2 .img hopefully fixes the last issue

    Clean install of this build works. Now a big test. Update of my main SD with all addon, configs etc.
    PS. Did my last post helped you in any way?

    I did read what wrote. I tried to do this, but without any luck. All of this was done while being plugged by wire. Any attempt to change mapping ends up without any result. When I try to map f.e. "A" button, after pushing A on SC to start mapping, the pad configurator in Kodi asks to push button in controller, so I push "A" button, and It gets back to showing "A" as it nothing happens. In this case actually it should behave this way, but, please keep reading. After this I've tried to map any button in my SC to this "A" in Kodi app, but this doesn't work either. It constantly gets back to showing "A" in Kodi controller app.

    Buttons that works (in Kodi but not in this pad mapping app) are: A, B buttons. Mouse TruckPad work, "d-pad" works. Joystick works. Both triggers also works. Thing s that doesn't work are: both "shoulder" buttons and X and Y. But as I mentioned before, I've read that SC is recognised as HID mouse/keyboard while being plugged by wire. So this isn't a surprise for me that I can actually use it. Also. This was checked with and without your plug-in. But still no luck with wireless SC. Maybe this thing that escalade mentioned before have to do sth with SC doesn't working properly?


    (...) It would also help if you could tell me whether or not the latest LE alpha works as a reference point, and if you can upgrade from that.

    Clean install of LE Alpha (7.90.010) works. Upgrade to your build on this LE Alpha, also works. So if I understand you corectlly, the reference point is working. Probably it isn't a SD card. I succesfully run from it OSMC and Raspbian today.

    And as of trying to upgrade my actually working LE, I won't do this cause I can't make a backup copy of SD card. A well know Windows error pops up.

    escalade: I should mentioned this earlier, but I've got the same error while trying to manually start python's script ( to emulate xbox pad. So now you know why I did asked you for enum34 and pip in your LE build.

    lrusak: I know SC is recognised as a usb keyboard/mouse while being plugged by a wire. But honestly this isn't good for me. What is the point of using wires when you buy a wireless pad? :)

    Is there any manual in subject of this add-on. I've install it from repo, but ... that's all what actually happens. I have RPi 3, with LE "Extended" from escalade. Dongle plugged into RPi3 and add-on installed. Can't make my SC working. Where I can find some help in this matter?