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    Hi Escalade,

    I have try your reicast bin.

    Do you think it's possible to change default bios directory to the bios general directory instead of /storage/.local/share/reicast/data/ (i did not found if there is a possibility to change it in emu.cfg) ?
    So I put dc bios in /storage/.local/share/reicast/data/

    I add this entry in es_systems.cfg :

                    <extension>.cdi .gdi</extension>
                    <command>/storage/reicast.rpi2.bin %ROM%</command>

    I also add (try to) my xbox360 controller mapping :
    evdev_mapping_1 = <path to mapping file>.cfg

    but it seems to be rewritten at each start of the emulator so I do a chattr +i on emu.cfg so controller OK.

    Marvel vs capcom 2 start but is not playable the sound is crackling and fps is low (to compare reicast in retropie allow to play mvc2 just some 2D glitch to note).

    I'll check If there are specifics parameters used in the retropie reicast config as I haven't change anything in this run.

    See you.

    Hi again escalade,

    Don't know if you want to look further on this subject but I check on retropie, it seems they've done a fork of reicast here :
    GitHub - RetroPie/reicast-emulator: Reicast is a multiplatform Sega Dreamcast emulator
    perhaps it will allow to compile...

    See you

    Hi escalade,

    For reicast I was talking about the raspberry image and not the libretro core as it seems not available for arm actually. That's why I was reffering on retropie in which they put reicast emulator to allow dreamcast play (I have tested marvel vs capcom 2 which work well enough on rpi3 in retropie).

    Again, nice work I'm really happy with your build :)

    See you.

    Sounds strange, have you tried a different SD card? Upgrading from a different build? My build machine did run out of space when compressing the RPi2 .img so I compressed it manually. The image should be fine though, but if it wasn't the .tar should work.

    Can someone else confirm?

    Only have one sd but it works well with the libreelec alpha I only do fresh install with dd using the .img (like I do with raspbian, retropie and so on ;) ).

    I download the tar, but I don't know yet what to do with it. I'll look and try.

    Hi escalade,

    I just download the 20170105 img for rpi2 which I put with the following command on my microsd for a rpi3 :

    sudo dd if=LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0-devel-20170105.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M
    sudo sync

    and I'm stuck on boot, I just have the LibreElec splashscreen that show up and then nothing except a black screen.

    Any idea to help me ?

    See you.