S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/9

  • Once moving things to the internal storage, is there a way to stop it from trying to boot from SD, I would like to use the SD as a storage device for the media, but find evertime I reset the system it tries to load from SD and does not load, appriciate some directions as I have not been able to find anything that will address this. The only thing I can think of is partition the sd card

    partition 1: fat32 w/the image

    partition 2: exfat for the media files

    thank-you in advance.

  • Hi all, if I want to try this out on an SD Card, do I just dump the img file to the SD Card and boot the box up? Is there a toothpick method or something I will need to do?


  • Hi, I just did clean install of the latest release (LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.6) and fast forwarding of any video file either makes the system unresponsive until restart or freezes the video leaving audio playing in the background.

    I can confirm this problem is also happening on my MXIII-4K. Fast Forwarding (right arrow button) makes the system unresponsive. @Demetris