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    To anyone with s912 boxes with gigabit LAN, how is your LAN speed? What about your 5GHz wifi speed? LAN speed is correct but wifi has little to be desire. I am pulling only about 40mbps using iperf from the box to my NAS drive. I would go with LAN but unfortunately where it is located, I am still in the process to pull CAT6.

    On another note, seems this box reboot quite often whenever any HTTP call to update the repository. I am using mySQL and the update calls from my sickchill server. Oftens this would cause a reboot. Other times I am unable to see anything on my TV though sounds still comes through to the TV. The box then needed to be restarted again. Are there any patches or fix for this?

    Ok, I did the test with the test files posted in that posting. It does fail as indicated. I am not sure what difference between those test files and the files I am watching but it seems to work fine playing from H264 to H265 or vice versa without issue. I guess it has something to do with the bit rate and how much memory it is reserving.

    Oops I made a mistook an hevc file as h264 since kodi did not refresh the meta. So issue switching from h264 to hevc will crash kodi. It only happens one direction h264 to hevc but not in reverse.

    Thanks offbeat for the great feedback. It gives me hope since it seems Allwinner abilities currently ahead of Amlogic. S912 with panfrost should be as good but i go l guess dev is a bit behind.

    Btw any Allwinner boxes had gigabit LAN

    hieppo At this time, very well. Recently, two HEVC fixes were merged, which will land in LE 10.0.2. However, HEVC already decodes correctly for me, even without those two fixes.

    What are your requirements? Note that 10-bit HEVC also works, but it's decoded and rendered as 8-bit. I'm working on this, but it will take a while to make whole pipeline 10-bit.

    Thanks for the information. I was looking at a cheap H6 box but was sure if I should add another useless box to my inventory of Android box.

    H264 is perfect for all boxes. My main concern is playing HEVC. I have several S905x 1GB RAM boxes. I tried LE Amlogic but it can't do 4K 10bit files. My S912 box has 4K pixelation issue and can't seek 1080p and lower resolution.

    So as long as I don't play 4K or play 1080p and lower from beginning to end. It is good.

    So compared to Amlogic, how is the Allwinner solution? Does it have the same issue? If not what other playing issue does it have?

    I am trying to reanimate this semi-brick amlogic box. I can only currently using jtag to get the amlogic terminal and run sdc_burn and update and other commands. Is there anyway update/flash LE onto the emmc using the built in tool?

    UPDATE: after hacking around with writing onto a LE SD image. Surprisingly, it somehow was able to inject BL30 to the emmc and allow to boot off the SDcard now. I am not sure how it was able to flash the box to override booting from emmc if SD is present but it is back to what I wanted. eMMC android img is toast but I do not really care about that as long as I can boot LE.


    Is it possible if you can help by taking a look at the following android box boot log and let me know if the boot is encrypted or not? Also if it is possible to tell what the issue is preventing from continuing to boot?

    If you can't help, do you know of any other forums that help this sort of issue? I missed freaktab.

    UPDATE: after hacking around with writing onto a LE SD image. Surprisingly, it somehow was able to inject BL30 to the emmc and allow to boot off the SDcard now. I am not sure how it was able to flash the box to override booting from emmc if SD is present but it is back to what I wanted. eMMC android img is toast but I do not really care about that as long as I can boot LE.


    S912's have always run hot so a good heatsink is never a bad thing. I've a VIM2 + heatsink which runs around 60-65ºC so I'd be wondering what add-ons you're using that chew CPU in the background (some do) to keep cores busy.

    I am wondering too. I do notice 1 cpu is always using 60% or more all the time when idled. The only add-ons I installed to use is YouTube. Aside from the defaults that was installed with LE, I installed the other media information providers tvdb, screensaver bing photo, lrclyrics, mp3streams and weather. I also uses mysql for my media repository. From that list, I have no idea what is running that is constantly requiring cpu. Screensaver is not enabled and cpu is still 60%+ so i have no idea what errant program that is running. I will probably reflash a clean SDcard and see if CPU is still high to remove any extra thing that is causing overheating.

    Funny, I was just about to post the exact same finding. I have a s912 box too and it shows the exact issue. You can play either x264 or x265 just fine but as soon as you switch the different encoder. The player would hang and crash. My box does not reboot automatically, I have to unplug and plug it back in to boot back. I don't think it is specific files but if it is encoded with x264 or x265.

    Another odd finding was what I mentioned previously about HEVC/x265 seek feature. I thought it does not work which is correct only for short videos like TV shows under 1 hour I guess. But if I play a full length movie over 90 minutes long, I am able to seek. However, seeking is still kind of flakey for some files since it will caused artifacts in playing after the seeking and would not go away until you restart the file. An update with seeking, it turns out not the duration but the resolution of x265. You can only seek with 4k resolution. If it's 720 or 1080 then it will pause.

    I notice the s912 box seems to get quite hot even if it is using HW decoding. I saw temp reaching 90C. I don't think I ever saw these AMLogic box go past 80C. If it is hitting this hot, I may have to put in a fan since the stock heatsink is not really doing that much.

    Forgot to mention but I am using 10.85

    I find HEVC to be "good, but not perfect" and it does have glitches, but the driver is unfinished and is not upstream so that's to be expected. If other players work better they are probably using software decode because it's not possible to use hardware decode without a ton of patches right now.

    HEVC is good to play from start to end but not so good if you stop somewhere in between and try to play from that save point. It will not be able to seek to that location. The only other option is to play from the beginning and watch the show over again from the beginning. There is no option to fast forward to the last watched position. It's a little annoying and would be a wish for a fix sooner than later since most thing is working at this point.


    I need some help in resurrecting a T95x box. It is Just a little off topic but I like to boot LE. Hope you can help or point to the correct forum. Freaktab used to be where I would normally go for AML box hack but as you know it is gone.

    Originally, using AMLogic USB burn tool to flash the Aidan's v7 firmware was successful. I booted into recovery and was booting CE from SD. But unfortunately, I was not able to insert a new LE SD image to boot off the box. I AML USB flashed the Aidan's firmware back onto the box to reset the boot but now, I am unable to boot into Android or anything off the SD.

    Is there any way to flash the LE kernel, boot and/or system right onto emmc? I currently working with the JTAG terminal. I can get the p212 root prompt and can do the basic command like update, sd_update and such.

    Is there any info on hacking with JTAG terminal?

    Thanks in advance.