TV Remote not working (because of DisplayPort ?)

  • Hi,

    I've been using for years OSMC on Rasbperry PI 3B. But with newest codecs it was no longer able to play all the videos, so I've decided to replace it.

    I've purchased HP T630 thin client, I've just installed LibreELEC on it and almost everything works except ... tv remote.

    My TV is connected to T630 using HDMI cable (same I was using for RP) and HDMI to Display Port adapter (this machine does not have HDMI port, it only has DP ports).

    Is it possible to have working TV remote while using Display Port ?

    If not - what is the best alternative (for now I'm using mouse but it's not user friendly - if you want to pause the recording you need to hit "pause" button which takes time) ?

  • In the ARM SoC world most devices have CEC support built into the HDMI hardware on the board. In the x86(64) world it's rare so regardless of HDMI or DP connection there is probably no CEC support and you'll need to add an IR receiver device. My personal recommendation would be the flirc USB receiver as it's stupidly simple to setup and works with any IR remote you have, but it's not the cheapest and there are plenty of USB IR devices on eBay etc. that can receive commands from an 'MCE' remote or similar.

  • thank both of you

    Avoiding additional remote is the best option, I'll try purchasing IR receiver (or maybe I'll find it somewhere in my "old tech boxes")