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    The danger of hijacking other people's threads is people get confused. The OP had an RPi3 .. and you have different hardware.

    In both cases the current Linuxserver container appears to be armv8/aarch64 only which means it will not run on any current LE release. It will run on the LE12 nightly for RPi2(3) boards as we switched to aarch64 there. It will not run on any Generic image which needs x86_64.

    There are probably other container sources out there if you look for them.

    thanks, I'll try to search for other containers (but till now - it does not look like LibreELEC is having a huge amount of documentation related to docker)

    about hijacking threads - I'm used to asking in existing (similar) threads instead of creating new ones. On many forums the policy is to open new thread only if there is nothing similar to your problem.

    ^ that's a DNS resolution failure. You might need to investigate Docker comms.

    Any resource I could use ?

    And on machine using LibreELEC DNS resolution works fine - ping shows me proper IP address (

    So it's not problem with DNS on machine, this might be something with docker configuration (but I know nothing about docker so I'm not sure where to look to fix the problem)

    Can you help me ?

    I've installed docker, I've used your script (modified storage options, etc) but I'm getting:

    Unable to find image 'linuxserver/transmission:latest' locally

    docker: Error response from daemon: Get "…6764444740ae01d": dial tcp: lookup on no such host.

    See 'docker run --help'.

    I was hoping that docker image will be auto downloadedbu it looks like there is some problem


    I've been using for years OSMC on Rasbperry PI 3B. But with newest codecs it was no longer able to play all the videos, so I've decided to replace it.

    I've purchased HP T630 thin client, I've just installed LibreELEC on it and almost everything works except ... tv remote.

    My TV is connected to T630 using HDMI cable (same I was using for RP) and HDMI to Display Port adapter (this machine does not have HDMI port, it only has DP ports).

    Is it possible to have working TV remote while using Display Port ?

    If not - what is the best alternative (for now I'm using mouse but it's not user friendly - if you want to pause the recording you need to hit "pause" button which takes time) ?