Network Card Details

  • You can start with the 'ifconfig' command.
    There is also 'lspci | grep Ethernet' for PCI network cards, and 'lsusb | grep Ethernet' for USB devices.
    PS: Enter the commands without the quotes.

    I'm not sure which details you need.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the response, I should probably be more specific I have a S905 box that I suspect is running 100mb when it's a 1Gb Network card. What I'm trying to establish is whether that's true or not so I would like to know what command will show me this detail.



  • Thanks guys but I have 2 conflicting results

    Ifconfig - txqueuelen is 1000
    Ethtool eth0 - speed 100mb/s

    Which information is correct? I did notice that using the ethtool command it's set to auto negotiate? Not sure if that makes a difference or not?

    Any views appreciated



  • Thanks Grimson, so how would I change the Network Config to use 1000 full duplex? as I know its a 1GB Network Card

    Auto negotiation on Ethernet is usually quite reliable and should be trusted.

    So if both ends, the S905 box and the switch/router, support 1Gbit/s (and both really have to) it's likely bad quality Ethernet cabling. So try a different cable first.

    Disabling auto negotiation and forcing a higher speed is not advised.

    If you really want to you have to do it on both ends, that means on the switch/router as well. If you can only do it on one end, forget about it.

    On how to do it, ethtool can do it, use google to search for it's documentation. As for your switch/router, google will help too, if it's possible at all.

    But be prepared for it to fail, at best you'll likely have an unstable connection with a lot of packet loss, most likely the connection will fail completely.

  • I second the cabling issue.
    I was having this problem and upon close inspection one of the RJ45 Jack's was not properly crimped. After rebuilding both ends (JIC) everything got fixed a 1 gbps.