New Install

  • I've been using KodiBuntu for a while now and decided since it wasn't supported to upgrade to something newer.
    This box does nothing but do extra stuff on dual boots, no plex..nothing. Audio is passthru to a HT Reciever.

    So I installed Libre last night and everything seem to be working...

    Installation easy
    Boot problem
    Installed Transparency Skin
    Installed AniDB scraper
    Installed ExtendedInfo Script
    and a couple others...screensavers.

    I was able to setup the video sources (smb shares on a network NAS). Can browse, play the files no issues that i saw.

    Setting up playlists no problem...mostly problem. Scraped and was able to pull down art/info problem. Scraped and was able to pull down art/info
    Anime....well all kinds of weird problems started here. But I think mostly with naming.

    But because of that I started doing some investigating in the logs....

    Crash log

    Checking my local network...everything looks ok.
    SSH into libre and was able to ping google, yahoo.
    I was able to do nslookups no issues and resolved local names and google, yahoo.

    Do i just need to wipe again and try reloading? Or if someone can point me in the right direction...