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    Hope it helps!

    Hi, I have a quick question. For the sake of not going into generating a new installation media, and then installing into a multiboot disk (LE, Ubuntu, Kali, Windows, Batocera) risking breaking something, is it possible to upgrade from Leia to latest Matrix, and then doing a Hard Reset LE to defaults (erasing Storage Partition)?

    It is an Intel NUC i3 7th generation.

    I guess this should pose no problem as all the config files are located in the Storage Partition, but I may be overlooking something.


    Edit: I have re-read last chewitt's post and I think the answer is pretty straightforward (though I did not rename the data nor backed it up, as my installation dates from a very old version and my database is stored in a cental location NAS).

    Edit2: I have noticed that scanning for new media takes a long time, and it seems to process several times TV Shows and Movies. Should I delete and recreate the Movies and TV Shows database from scratch?

    I have noticed that after upgrading to 8.90.6 my Beelink MINIMXIII is intermittently going black. And after a while it does not render image anymore.

    Anyone else is experiencing such issues?


    Edit: I have identified the issue. 4k @ 60 Hz does not work, it flickers the screen at random intervals. Going down to 30 Hz seems to fix it. Does the unit (S905)/LibreELEC support 4k @ 60 Hz?

    If so it could be a bad cable, and I will need to fetch a new one.

    I have to mention that I had no problem before.


    hi iam a new libreelec user :)

    i have installed lastes version (LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.5.img) on my h96pro+ 3gb/32gb and using [PreRelease] Plugin Netflix (Inputstream)

    ive only 2-3frames with 1080p....

    do i something wrong? or is HD not running?

    Netflix Addon uses inputstream, which relies on software decoding. So 720p is best you can do fluently for the time being.

    Get the "Keymap Editor" addon from the official repository. It has button detection and will let you assign a button to many functions through a GUI.

    If the editor doesn't have an action you need (it doesn't have all of them), you can edit /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml to add any additional actions. The Kodi wiki goes in depth on keymaps here.

    Thanks, I am familiar with the addon.

    As I have a different box that is working, I thought it was something related to internal key mappings.


    You're welcome, thanks for testing.

    It's possible, in theory. But without having the driver for it, or at least knowing what controller they are using for the LED, I'm not sure how simple/difficult it would be. Also, not having the box in hand for testing doesn't help either.

    Thank you again!

    I can do with LED light as it is.

    What I have found is that the air mouse I am using does not have the proper mapping for buttons. Most annoying is the inability to go back using the back button. I need to flip the remote to use del key.

    Any hint?



    Ok, try this DTB.

    If it doesn't work correctly, PM me, and we'll take it off the main thread.

    Thank you!!

    Updated the dtb file with the one you have provided and box is now displaying icons on LCD: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, time, play and pause.

    Just one question, is it possible to control the led light (change color, turn off) on this unit. It is the hexagon shaped box with a thin light line surrounding the border on the top part of the unit.

    Thanks again for your fast and useful response!!

    I have been following the thread since a long time.

    I have recently acquired a s912 box, namely edal T95Z Plus which seems to be exact same hardware as Sunvell T95Z.

    I have revised the thread to figure out the right dtb to use to enable the LCD to no avail.

    I am currently using 8.90.3 version with gxm_q200_2g.dtb and except from LCD everything seems to be functional.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    I have read the post with script to check LCD segments, but need to have it enabled first. Have already installed FD628 service.

    Thank you.

    Am updating for anyone that is experiencing same issue. Left the box on while going to work, and upon returning Kodi was up and running.

    Cannot confirm how long it took finish the Addon migration.

    Thanks again adamg for your quick action on fixing issues.

    I have upgraded from 1.08 to 1.10 on a MiniMXIII (2 gb/16gb gigabit LAN) and got stuck in splash screen and "Migrating Addons " message.

    Have rebooted (via SSH) the unit several times after waiting for more than 5-10 minutes, but I cannot get pass this screen.

    Some have reported that unplugging and plugging again does fix this (have limited access to my unit). Is a hard reboot issued by SSH same as cold reboot by unplugging?

    If so, any hint on how to fix this?

    I have not yet tried to download, which I could do as I can access the box via SFTP.

    Thank you!


    It is nothing urgent, just a desire to have control over which version we update to.

    Thanks adamg and kszaq for your hard work and prompt address of the issues encountered.

    I have been using the release for some time now in my Beelink Minimxiii and it is slowly replacing my old Ravi 3610 as media center since it can do 4k (I have recently switched from a 1080p tv).

    As a suggestion, for us brave enough, would it be possible to add a setting to upgrade to devel versions?

    Or to choose which version to install enabling upgrade/downgrade to different channels in a similar way that can be done for LE generic versions by manually adding and update repository path.

    I would rather select when and which version upgrade to.

    LibreELEC settings for update seem to be missing the option.

    Thank you.

    "cp /etc/X11/xorg-i915.conf /storage/.config/xorg.conf" then edit the new file and reboot (or restart xorg.service) to effect changes

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have to comment that creating and editing the file has ho effect.
    As I have mentioned before, I am able to change backlight using xrandr and echo command (see original post), what does not seem to work is the fn key mapping, as these produce no recognized kernel keymap.

    I guess best solution will be to come with a bash script to increase or decrease brightness by, lets say, 10%.
    That is, to query max backlight level, and current value, and increment or decrement accordingly. I can then map these scripts to any desired key.

    I am not that much profficient in bash scripting, so I will need to do some learning to come with a functional script.

    I'd rather have the original fn keys working, but it may be related to some kernel incompatibility. I use Kali and Xubuntu 16.04 on this same machine and fn keys work as expected, changing backlight.

    Thank you!