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    Hope it helps!

    Hi, I have a quick question. For the sake of not going into generating a new installation media, and then installing into a multiboot disk (LE, Ubuntu, Kali, Windows, Batocera) risking breaking something, is it possible to upgrade from Leia to latest Matrix, and then doing a Hard Reset LE to defaults (erasing Storage Partition)?

    It is an Intel NUC i3 7th generation.

    I guess this should pose no problem as all the config files are located in the Storage Partition, but I may be overlooking something.


    Edit: I have re-read last chewitt's post and I think the answer is pretty straightforward (though I did not rename the data nor backed it up, as my installation dates from a very old version and my database is stored in a cental location NAS).

    Edit2: I have noticed that scanning for new media takes a long time, and it seems to process several times TV Shows and Movies. Should I delete and recreate the Movies and TV Shows database from scratch?

    Switched the cable for a new one, Belkin High Speed, and the issues seem to be solved so far.

    Have not experienced any problem for 3+ hours of playback.

    Thank you for the help and suggestions!!

    Sounds like a bad HDMI cable to me.

    Thanks. Have been doing some research and a bad cable could result in a behaviour similar to what I am experiencing.

    Based on a previous comment stating that it was a known issue to be fixed in latest version I had postponed its replacement.

    Will try a new one to verify if the issue is solved.

    Thanks again

    I have updated to latest CoreELEC 8.90.1 but the issue still exist.

    Attached is log file.

    Is there any option that could prevent the issue. So far I am now going back to my old Revo 3610 Atom 330 for playback.

    Your help on this will be very appreciated.

    Also, I would like to mention that Submit Log, Upload latest Kodi log and configs under CoreELEC Settings menu does not work. I always get Failed to paste log files message.

    Gaudi DTB files should be left well alone, there is no need to access them, once you have copied your dtb to the root folder then that is it, leave them well alone, you don't need to copy them when upgrading as it's done automatically.

    Thanks for the information.

    I was not planning to do anything strange with the files, was just wondering if they were accessible from a remote session in case I needed to switch to a different one after a non working trial.

    But as you suggested, I will follow the standard method of accessing the SD card from a different computer.



    Don't use the kszaq DTBs, they're too old and most likely won't work.

    The device tree files are now built into the image, so create a SD and there will be a device_tree folder at the root of it.

    You can also get them if you open the tar update file and dig through the folders in there.

    Hi The Coolest. Is it possible to access the dtb folder in the SD card via ssh/sftp?

    If so, can you point to the right path where these files are located?


    Thank a lo the developers for your great work.

    I am having a strange issue which is driving me crazy. At random intervals during playback screen goes black for a second or so, and then image comes back.

    While playing frequency of such occurrences seem to increase to the point of having one every 10-20 seconds.

    My box is a Beelink minimxiii s905.

    Starting playback of a different file results in that problem can be absent for more than 5 minutes, giving the impression it was file dependent, but then it starts.

    Can it be related to overheating?

    How to check for that?

    Anyone else experiencing these issues?

    Version is latest CoreELEC 8.90.

    Log here:

    Am not sure if I need to create a GitHub ticket yet, so am posting here.

    Thank you!!

    Edit: am uploading the full log with debugging enabled.

    "installtointernal" command changed?

    I throwed the remote.conf file in .config folder, not working, any quick help?

    Install to internal has been dropped on latest releases, and is not going to come back.

    There is extensive discussion in the forum, a quick search will do.


    After updating to today's devel I have changed color space to 420 8 bits on my s905 Beelink minimxiii, and now I got locked out of the interface as my LG 4K Smart TV shows the screensaver after the LibreELEC logo.

    Is there a way to revert or change color pace from command line?

    Also, I did some search to look for correct settings for my box but could not find anything conclusive. What would be the right settings for s905 and s912 boxes, provided the TV supports the mode.


    Gaudi and Everyone, please read the rules in the opening posts of this thread before posting issues!

    Filling the thread with issues when there are several builds out there makes debugging very difficult for the devs, when trying to sift through this thread and understand whether an issue is relevant or not.

    I agree and am sorry. I thought the issue was already identified. Will report following instructions and avoid the "troll" behaviour.

    Am very sorry about it.

    I have noticed that after upgrading to 8.90.6 my Beelink MINIMXIII is intermittently going black. And after a while it does not render image anymore.

    Anyone else is experiencing such issues?


    Edit: I have identified the issue. 4k @ 60 Hz does not work, it flickers the screen at random intervals. Going down to 30 Hz seems to fix it. Does the unit (S905)/LibreELEC support 4k @ 60 Hz?

    If so it could be a bad cable, and I will need to fetch a new one.

    I have to mention that I had no problem before.


    hi iam a new libreelec user :)

    i have installed lastes version (LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.5.img) on my h96pro+ 3gb/32gb and using [PreRelease] Plugin Netflix (Inputstream)

    ive only 2-3frames with 1080p....

    do i something wrong? or is HD not running?

    Netflix Addon uses inputstream, which relies on software decoding. So 720p is best you can do fluently for the time being.

    Get the "Keymap Editor" addon from the official repository. It has button detection and will let you assign a button to many functions through a GUI.

    If the editor doesn't have an action you need (it doesn't have all of them), you can edit /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml to add any additional actions. The Kodi wiki goes in depth on keymaps here.

    Thanks, I am familiar with the addon.

    As I have a different box that is working, I thought it was something related to internal key mappings.


    You're welcome, thanks for testing.

    It's possible, in theory. But without having the driver for it, or at least knowing what controller they are using for the LED, I'm not sure how simple/difficult it would be. Also, not having the box in hand for testing doesn't help either.

    Thank you again!

    I can do with LED light as it is.

    What I have found is that the air mouse I am using does not have the proper mapping for buttons. Most annoying is the inability to go back using the back button. I need to flip the remote to use del key.

    Any hint?