[Orange Pi 3 LTS] Wireless and Bluetooth Aktivate

  • Hello,

    i am new in this forum, try to activate wireless and bluetooth with libreelec 11 and orangepi 3lts. Havent found any information about this topic, yet. There are drivers available from Orangepi producer internet site in china. There are also linux images available where wireless and bluetooth works. Maybe it is possible to comile these drivers and copy these files to the memory card? The drivers are called sunxi... hardware is:



    Hope it will be possible to make it work.

    Best regaerds, harald.

  • Is it possible to get these drivers into a unofficial version? Maybe it is possible to integrate the sunxi driver into a custom version that i complie by myself?

  • Anyone can, but there is very limited documentation within build system. There is no other way than to "dig in" build system and learn by trial & error.

    Main reason why LE team decided not to add each and every wifi driver to official image is because it's annoying to keep these wifi drivers buildable and working across different kernel versions. If you have luck, someone already published driver sources for currently used kernel version and all you need to do is just write package.mk file which points to those sources. If not, you have to also create patches to fix build and/or working issues.

  • Armbian has patches for 6.1, but I believe they are in-tree kernel patches and typically LE is out-of-tree for driver builds based on what has been recommended. The wifi chip itself is supposed a Unisoc UWE5266.

    Consolidate uwe5622 driver, add v6.1 kernel support by paolosabatino · Pull Request #4766 · armbian/build
    Description The uwe5622 driver has been moved from allwinner directories into patch/misc directory with this previous pull request With this pull request,…

    That driver appears to quite large at 214 files. I would just pick up a wifi dongle and call it a day. :)

  • Hello, yes, it seems that my orangepi needs the driver uwe5622 or uwe5621. downloaded image from orangepi site, wifi driver is unisoc_wifi, sprdwl_ng, 1070a_wlan. i unfortunately do not know what to do now. what do you mean with "LE is out-of-tree"?

  • i undestood that i have to compile my own kernel module or whole kernel, but i dont know how to compile the drivers for current librelelec kernel version. orangepi has sources for whole linux system, ubuntu and debian. maybe i will try to get a working kodi version on that way..