• Hi,

    Thought I'd give LE10 a try on my Slice as the RPI3 is now supported, unfortunatley it seems a little unstable. Scrolling though the movies section I can consistently crash Kodi.

    Links for the crash logs http://ix.io/3SlL

    I'm also seeing the following on the boot screen (after i reboot or shutdown), not sure if its all connected...

    [TIME] Timed out waiting for device /dev/serial1.
    [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Broadcom sdio firmware update for BCM43430A1
    [111.455310] [813]: Failed to unmount /flash: Device or resource busy
    [111.458831] systemd-shutdown[1]: Failed to finalise file systems, loop devices, ignoring.

    No worries if this is not a priority to look at right now I've got my 9.2.8 backup. Maybe it helps with RPI3, maybe it doesn't.


  • Drop imageres and fanartres from your advancedsettings.xml, the GPU is running out of (CMA) memory.

    You could also try increasing CMA memory a bit, add eg "dtoverlay=cma,cma-320" or "dtoverlay=cma,cma-384" to config.txt to get 320 or 384 MB instead of the default 256MB - but be careful, better keep image resolution at sane levels.

    You can safely ignore the messages on the screen (and in journal), first two are because Silce/CM3 doesn't have a bluetooth chip, and the other two are normal (and harmless), too.

    so long,


  • Thanks for the quick reply HiassofT , I've followed your suggestions and its looking much more stable now. I cleared the thumbnail folder too, and while I started off with cma320 which was much better it did still suffer a kodi restart. I'm using cma384 now and its looking good so far.

    Cheers :thumbup:

  • HiassofT are RPi2/3 are still using patchram to load BT firmware? .. these days everything else (AWL/AML/RK) is driven from device-tree. If RPi did the same we wouldn't see that error, no?

    I just checked current RPi OS, it still uses the old hciattach method.

    I guess switching to DT / kernel config might work somehow (latest RPiOS bt-uart script checks for that case) but I'm not sure if it'd catch all cases - like when using the miniuart-bt dtoverlay etc so I didn't dare to touch that area yet.

    so long,