LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0.2

  • Just wondering when 10.0.3 will be out. Thanks.

    We too :)

    Plan is/was to align with kodi release cycle and ship LE 10.0.3 with Kodi Matrix 19.5. But Kodi 19.5 is taking a lot longer than expected.

    In the meanwhile feel free to use the latest LE10 nightly builds from here: (just copy it to the update folder/share and reboot), they contain lots of bugfixes and also a recently updated kodi 19.5 development version.

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  • We have nothing planned/decided yet.

    And as it's holiday season and lots of us (and most likely also Team Kodi) are traveling and/or spending time with their families it's unlikely we'll do a LE10 release within the next few weeks.

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  • Should LE10 nightlies be supporting Alder Lake processors now? It's not really clear to me if the kernel was bumped up in the nightlies, cos the latest doesn't run on my Celeron G6900 (is your GPU supported?).

    I really don't want to upgrade to LE11 yet.

  • I tried the latest nightly build on my Pi4 but still getting a black screen on the HDMI output. I then tried pastekodi via SSH but I get an error message saying "unterminated quoted string at or near" followed by a very long string of numbers. So again I can't share any debug info here.

    Haven't there been others with the same issue in the mean time? The Pi4 has 2 GB RAM. Might that be an issue somehow?

    I'm reverting to 10.0.0 again because that is the last build that's running fine.

  • Just run pastekodi again, sometimes the paste-site has hiccups (I've seen that lots of times myself).

    Black screen can have lots of causes, just do a forum search and you'll find plenty of hints and/or answers.

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  • I'll try pastekodi again.

    I also get a black screen on a clean flash of 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 (normal builds). Same never happened with 10.0.0 and before. But thanks I'll do a search.


    This looks like the same issue:

    November 3, 2021 at 10:33 PM

    Unfortunately no real fixes came out of it (yet..).

    Not really sure what else to do. It's just too bad really I can't use the newer builds anymore. The problem occurs on both Pi4's here. Both are connected to LG 4k tv's.

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  • What is going on.

    We got told after 19.4 release there is soon an 19.5, then some months later we gold told the same.

    Meanwhile the release manager of Kodi is/was missing in action for some reason. Recently we were told that a new release manager will handle it soon. So we hope there is some movement soon.

    Meanwhile you can still install the LE10 nightlies, they are already up to date.

  • Hi! :)

    rpi3 user here

    I moved from 9.2.x (leia) to 10.0.2 (matrix). I did find that the GUI is "slower" than my previous version

    Is this normal? It looks like 10.x version is "heavier" that the 9.x (10.x version also boots slower)

    Should we wait for better gui performance in future builds among other fixes?

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  • ace960
    March 17, 2022 at 10:33 AM

    I am staying with 9.2.8 while I can. I found out that I have more h.265 content than I thought.

    I personally do not expect performance improvement in future releases for old rpis.

    I think that rpi2/3 are no longer optimized.

    I'll maybe try newer release (newer than 10.0.2) when/if my 9.2.8 crushes or something else pushes me to upgrade.