Trying to create a media player

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm trying here to help my 11 years old son creating a media player with an old eebox b202.

    My expectations are not that high. No 4k or hdr needed, 1080p is enough for my installation.

    This old pc (made for windows xp, maybe as old as the kid) is a Single heart core, 1 go ram, x86, 32 bits model.

    My son spent the day creating boot USB keys, or directly trying installing librelec.

    He may have a poor quality USB stick, but I'm not sure it matters.

    He lost time trying with x86 64 bits versions.

    He may have found a real x86 32 bits version, then he was blocked because the chipset is an i686.

    It's far above his knowledges, and exceeding mine too!

    Is there anyway to make it work with this old device, or are we supposed to give up and buy a raspberry pi (and which one)?

    Thanks for your cooperation


  • It seems to me that you are not in the right forum, very old hardware with very new software equals guaranteed failure. Try to start the Windows Media Player that comes with the installed operating system, I'm sure you'll be able to do very interesting things with the old Windows XP.

  • He lost time trying with x86 64 bits versions.

    that CPU doesn't support 64 bit


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    => Intel 64 bit

    AFAIK, LE is 64 bit only

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  • On such old hardware, it's better to install a popular OS, like Ubuntu or (not so popular) Android-x86. Then install Kodi for that OS.

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  • a media player with an old eebox b202

    I had similar hardware, to summarize it, just don't use it.

    It was very low end 12 years ago, and it is even more low low low end these days. It has basically no Linux support (media playback wise) and even at Windows you get barley Youtube working.

    Get a raspberry or some used, for example, Lenovo ThinkCentre M710Q for ~100€.

    They support todays media standards and the Lenovo for example can easily run everything from Windows 11 to any Linux.

  • I'd buy a RPi 4 with 2GB of RAM. Also with regards to easily swap out the SD card to try out other things. I also got the Kodi RPi Case which is great ;) RPi offers maybe the best and cheapest access in the world of Linux. I am obviously talking from my personal experience, which might not be the most objective. I am 36 years old and I began playing around with Linux just because of RPi around 5 years ago. But it has so much potential for a 11 year old! He can play around with Pi-Hole, LibreELEC, RetroPie - I guess he will end up making your Home smart with Home Assistant :)

  • Single core, 1 go ram, x86, 32 bits model.

    Our codebase dropped x86 support in 2015 back in OE 5.x days, so there are no LE releases that will run on it without a pile of detective work to figure out how to reinstate support and build a custom 32-bit image - it can be done, but it's not simple and there are no guides or willing staff volunteers for the quest - and as others have said, the Kodi experience once you finally get there isn't going to be great. An RPi kit will be much more rewarding for Kodi (suggested minimum RPi3B+ for 1080p or 2GB RPi4 for 4K and better experience) and also opens the door on the immense ecosystem of resources for other projects you can use an RPi board for.