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    Hi All,

    I really hate to write this one...!!

    Not sure, if I should post here, or open a new thread.

    It is regarding pairing my 8Bitdos which after hours of google search still does not work.

    So I might be too stupid and need help :(

    While pairing the gamepads with RertroPie (RPi 3b+) works very well, I am struggling with RetroELEC on x86 Hardware.

    I have a ASrock J5005 with a Intel AC 3165:

    Intel® Dualband-Wireless-AC 3165 89450

    My gamepads are SF30 Pro and AP40 (relabelled N30 Pro)

    I could manage to get the SF30 Pro paired with Kodi once. However, while I was configuring the gamepad with EmulationStation, the connection was lost all of a sudden and re-connecting did not work anymore (Host-Down Error).

    Could anyone here pair 8Bitdo gamepads with RetroELEC successfully?


    I have also attached a screenshot of bluetoothctl which I was trying as well.

    I have used the udev rules from RetroPi and put them to path:


    Rules are:

    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="8Bitdo SF30 Pro", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"

    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="8Bitdo AP40 GamePad", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"

    Glad if anyone could help! Thank you


    forgot to mention, that I tried every input. (B, X, A,Y) and that I have the latest Firmware and the SF30 Pro.

    I opened pandora's box by changing the intel with the qualcomm. After taking the M.2 of the NAS (...had to disassemble the whole sh** to get it), I couldn't shut down the NAS anymore. It came up straight after the shut-down due to the WOL bios setting. :@ taking out the card did lead to this strange behaviour. Anyway, both cards behave identical and I guess it relates to the 8bitdos. I will open a dedicated thread.

    Thank you for your support

    escalade I installed the new img and restored the backup from the old image.

    RetroELEC (community): devel-20200430025740 (RPi4.arm)

    Still the same behaviour.

    "I have added new psx games (.bin + .cue) to the corresponding roms folder but ES doesn't update the games list. Is there a service I have to restart manually to prompt the re-scan? ES detected all games of the initial scan right."

    here are the logs, but I'm not sure, if they help, but just in case...


    Please disregard - don't want to waste your time. I did a clean-install without restoring the backup and it works. THANKS

    Hey escalade

    These might be some noob questions but I’m running the generic x86 image clean install on a dell optiplex 9020 micro. My sound works fine in kodi but in retroarch I have no sound. I use smart LG tv with hdmi. The other issue I have is that the system freezes or I get no controller support (Xbox one remote) in emulation station. Any ways I can fix these?


    you might want to check this one here regarding your sound:

    RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

    Hi escalade I have added new PSX games (.bin + .cue) to the corresponding roms folder but ES doesn't update the games list. Is there a service I have to restart manually to prompt the re-scan? ES detected all games of the initial scan right.

    Also ES seems to show a line for every .bin. Is there a way to force ES to show only one line?

    I am on RPi4 with this one -> devel-20200313023133 (RPi4.arm). Thank you!

    Hi escalade, I installed the generic image on an USB 3 stick. Looks really amazing! Thank you so much!

    I just had to give up on pairing my 8bitdos. I get them paired in Kodi, but they lose the connection before I could finish the input config in Emulationstation after couple of minutes. I ended up getting "host down" or bluetooth errors in Kodi when I tried to re-connect.

    N64 emulation seems to work very good and so much better on the J5005 than on the RPi3.

    PS2 however seems not to work for me. I wanted to give it a try to see if some games are playable. I placed the bios in the bios folder and the roms (bin+cue & iso) in the corresponding roms folder. After choosing a game in Emulationstation the screen goes to the nice Lambo and back to Emulationstation. Not sure what exactly happens.

    Would be glad, if you can check the logs!


    Once again Thank you!!!

    I can't see anything wrong. The Intel driver is loaded, firmware loads, there are other signs that the card is up/running.

    Thank you for checking, chewitt.

    Although I had some success with the intel and all drivers were there, I couldn't get it to work properly. I have disassembled my NAS to get the Qualcomm card which I know that it works. Klojum I hope you have more luck with the more powerful card! I will keep you posted when I got it working properly

    Thank you for your continuous support, Klojum!

    (I don't care the better Wi-Fi as I am wired anyway, therefore I went with the 3165 which was a little less expensive.

    Also there was a comment from 5schatten here on the forum, that the 3165 should be supported natively.)

    I want to connect two 8bitdo gamepads.

    The gamepad appears in the GUI when I trigger the pairing via SSH. The actual pairing however does not work.

    After rebooting, the GUI shows a message like no Bluetooth devices found, please trigger pairing. Without certain SSH action no device is found. The old board as well as the RPis showed the BT devices without further SSH action.

    I will add a screenshot later.

    ...I am not at home anymore and didn't have much time to play around this morning.

    Hi All,

    Please apologise another noob question!!

    I have another BT problem with my new board. Installed the intel M.2 Wireless AC 3165 Combo today but it detects no devices.

    The card is recognised by the system ->

    Bluetooth is enabled in the settings and the service seems to run:

    Is there any other service I have to start in addition?

    Thanks !

    p.s. sorry - here ist the log file: hastebin

    dmesg | paste:

    Hi Again,

    I was searching through this thread and saw that the README could help me to properly upgrade from standard LibreELEC to RertroELEC without the loss of my current working config.

    But where can I find the README? There is no such file on the google download or the image itself.

    Would appreciate, if someone could point this out.

    I am a kind of scared to mess-up my current working config as it took me quite a while. Coming from Windows, I am a burned kid in terms of sudden crashed Kodi so I try to be careful here. :angel:


    Hi escalade,

    I would love to try RetroELEC. I am on x86 platform and currently running LE 9.2.2 with Tvheadend and hyperion and a backup script.


    Is it possible to install RertroELEC as dual boot OS on a USB stick to test if the restore of the current kodi config would work properly on RetroELEC?

    ->Boot RetroELEC from USB stick works, restore below backup not. ALSA sound not available, Tvheadend can‘t connect to server anymore and Hyperion doesn‘t work. Rest seems to be fine.

    thank you for your advice


    I did some research and believe I should be good to go, if I backup and rsync following paths into RetroELEC to get it working

    1) /storage/.kodi/addons

    2) /storage/.kodi/userdata

    3) /storage/.kodi/cdm

    4) /storage/.ssh

    5) /storage/.config

    6) /storage/hyperion

    I will give it a try this weekend, however would be glad if anyone could mention concerns...


    Thanks again for your input. Although it would have made sense to go with RPi4, I went with the ASrock J5005.

    Although I love RPi it was easier for me to switch the mainboard and be fine. There was no restoring process with the J5005. All was working as with the old mainboard, which I totally LOVED. With the RPi basically nothing worked -> Hyperion, TVheadend... Sure I could have fixed this, but this would have been a lot of effort for !me! as I am still not very practiced with LE.

    ...the WAV of WOL and a Power-on button did the rest in terms of decision process...

    ...anyway - I will go with RPi 4 as soon as the bedroom TV went through the approval process :)